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Digital Pitch Shifter / Whammy
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Author Digital Pitch Shifter / Whammy
I got a Digitech Whammy and it did the trick but I hated the fact that it needed to be On in order to be at the ready to shift and when on, caused the un repitched sound to be processed; kind of weird sounding. Sold it.

I know that there are no other devices with this specific design but I had a Boss Pitch pedal that had preset pitch positions, on or off. Are there other pitch pedals that do similar that may work better and have a variable foot pedal? I know some pedal boards might have it. I'd go for that possibly.

The eventide pitchfactor with an expression pedal will do
something like the whammy, but it still runs the clean signal
through a adc/dac (maybe higher quality than the whammy)
and is pricey.
Ah, think I've found a new one -

The Morpheus Bomber

I have a Morpheus Drop Tune and when it's passing clean signal through it's AD/DA it's uncolored. I expect this to be better than the Whammy and made for this purpose.

I'll have it Tuesday! Rockin' Banana!
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