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Dave Jones Design flood
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Author Dave Jones Design flood
Hi, Just wanted to check in here. I probably won't be in here for a week or so.

Owego,NY where I am located was just hit by the worst flood we've had since the 1930s. 99% of the town was flooded. My office and manufacturing building was surrounded by water but everything important is on the 2nd floor so should survive.

Currently no electricity in the area and the town is locked down by National Guard, so I can't get in to either my house or my offices/workshop. The electricity at the office will have to be rebuilt before I can get back to designing and building video synths.

I spent a couple of days in a Red Cross shelter and am now with friends about 50 miles north.

I just wanted to touch base here and let people know that my business is temporarily closed, but should be back running in a few weeks.

I have limited access to the net, so probably won't be in here for a while.
Yikes. Hope your house has some elevation. Yesterday I ran into a guy I knew who'd moved to Rochester. He was here getting away from all that.
damn - my sympathies are with you, hope you can back up'n'running without too much suffering...
wow Dave, hope this resolves soon
safe travels
That sounds terrible!! I hope everything is resolved quickly and with minimal loss of property.
That's terrible Dave.
I hope your losses are minimal.

When I saw the thread title I thought this would be the announcement of the flood of modules you are about to unleash. waah

Good luck getting everything back in order.
Dave that seriously sux

glad everything is OK in-terms of people being un harmed

hope you get back on form asap

thanks for sharing so much of you knowledge and hope you get your new video modules out as soon as you can

stay safe (i'm sure you will Mr. Green )
Good luck Dave.
So sorry to hear this Dave!
Best wishes Dave.
Cat-A-Tonic wrote:
When I saw the thread title I thought this would be the announcement of the flood of modules you are about to unleash. waah
I was bracing myself for a thread full of things to buy.
Sorry to hear this Dave! Glad you are okay, and I hope your life gets back to normal as soon as possible.
this is bad news. good luck dave
Dave, I had seen videos of the flooding in Owego and was wondering how you made out. Best wishes for getting your business going again.
Hi everybody.

It took 4 weeks, but we finally have electricity restored to the building after being knocked out by the flood. The place is still damp and musty smelling (furnaces were destroyed, so no heat for the near future). I have a dehumidifier, air filter, and small electric heater on their way. Hopefully arriving this week.

Here's a couple photos of Owego the day after the flood. The first is the downtown area. The second is downtown and west side of town. The downtown area was actually the least flooded of the town.

It feels good to finally be back at my computer and be able to get back to work. Though I didn't just sit around for the past 4 weeks. I did have a pad of paper and a pen and spent a lot of time designing circuits.

Lots of cleanup and work to get done here, so I probably won't spend as much time online as before the flood, for a while at least. But I am back and will pop in regularly.
Wow, those pictures are crazy! That must have been so scary.
Glad to hear you're getting back into things.
lots of beautiful old buildings there, hope they are ok too. Its probably not their 1st flood?
water water everywhere, and the plug's stuck in the sink
Great to know Dave is back. I am eagerly waiting for the new modules to be released. I know Dave came up with new design ideas during this period.
Keith Rowe's recent performance in Alfred featured a new Jones design named the "Flood Coil" improvised from old parts and mounted on cardboard.
The area does flood once in a while, but the center of town hasn't flooded in more than 70 years. Most businesses lost everything on their 1st floor. I only know of one that actually cleared out 70% of their stuff the day before. The predictions were that it wasn't going to be deep enough to flood the center of town.

Yeah, I did get to hang out with Kjell Bjorgeengen and Keith Rowe for several days last week, and built a video electromagnetic field generator that let Keith pick up sounds from the video using a telephone pickup coil and another signal from a radio. We called it a "flood coil" since it wouldn't have been built if not for the flood. It was made from old parts from Harald Bode's spare parts bin from the 60's and 70's, and his son Peer's left over parts from workshops I ran in the 80's.

I'll post a picture later.

If you haven't heard of Keith Rowe, look him up on the web. He's a pretty amazing guy. He and Kjell have been doing improvisational video/audio performances for a couple of years around the world.
The "Flood Coil". A small video amplifier and coil driver connected to four handwound coils on a piece of cardboard. The triangular coil (behind the radio antenna) was the most interesting sounding.

Kjell and Keith during their performance:

Very cool! Great photos.
Still love hearing about your upcoming system in random threads

How have things been going with the turn of the new year? any new saucy details?
It's finally starting to feel like progress. A couple more of the modules have reached their final prototype versions (I tend to keep redoing new prototypes until I am satisfied a design really works the way I want). The initial lineup is finally taking shape.

Since my system involves a number of simple utility modules as well as the complex processing modules, I'm trying to get some of them ready for release at the same time as the core modules and first couple of processing modules.

Just got blank boards back for the Jones to LZX / LZX to Jones level converter module (4 channels each direction), so people with LZX systems can start adding Jones modules without needing two complete systems.

Pictures and details of the initial modules will be coming soon.
great deal.. Im ready to start expanding into the unknown!
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