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how are you using your QPB's
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Author how are you using your QPB's
cause I need to know shit. Mines being routed through my d-1000. With each voice being through each plague and then being fed back into the d-1000 Dead Banana Dead Banana Dead Banana
just using my quad plague bearer in series now.. going to get a mixer and some other utility modules soon. i control its cv with my future retro xs and/or patch panel SEM and some attenuators and multiples... i use it as an fx send from my mixer... and back to my mixer... i send audio and cv to it from synths and then route the plague bearer's output back into other filters and or amps

basically its a gear orgy.. everything gets plugged into everything

here is one of my favorite ways of using it... with bass... bass rocks through this thing... and bass guitar is no exception.

my buddy on bass... me on the quad plague bearer + eclipse
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