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The Residents -Theory of Obscurity
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Author The Residents -Theory of Obscurity
kindredlost ty-trailer-will-make-you-trip-out-20150219

Has this been discussed here already? If so, then I deserve Weight-Liftin' Lulu to sit on my face.
thanks for posting...intrigued by the residents output...especially the Vileness fats LP
I've only seen this around the last week or so on other sites
Is it really them seriously, i just don't get it
leeski wrote:
I've only seen this around the last week or so on other sites
Is it really them seriously, i just don't get it

will be keeping an eye out....sorry couldn't help that one
They're also releasing some vinyl singles including "Satisfaction" - keep track of all things Residents on their Facebook page:
So has anyone seen this film?
Worth a look?
I saw it last month.
Should point out I bought my 1st Residents album in 1982 and have about 30 albums of theirs now, plus DVDs, live, etc.

Cons: the film lacks continuity and detail. For example - they discuss how after the Mole Show tour they were basically bankrupt and considering giving up and then the topic suddenly changes and nothing is said about why they continued (afaik - a Japanese tv station paid them heaps to come to Japan).
A great story on how the eyeballs were made but no mention about the theft of one of the eyeballs...just suddenly there were 3 and a skull.
Very little mention of Snakefinger, who was a major contributor to their seminal albums. It would have been great if they developed these stories a bit more, such as 'why the skull? How did they meet snakey? What happened in Japan?

A lot of time (as in way too much) was spent interviewing the singers from Primus and some other band.....because they used to play Residents covers (?).
It was a bit short and they could have played some full clips of songs or even a full song from a concert, otherwise it was just 10-15 second grabs from different songs.

Pros: some great early footage of their 1st gig and the 'factory' where they made costumes and films like Vileness Fats. The 'behind the scenes' of their video clips footage was great too.
The video and audio production was very well done.
I took 3 people (we saw it at the cinema) who knew nothing about the Residents, they all liked some of the art, costumes and passion of the band. But none of them asked to borrow any of my albums or DVDs afterwards.

There you go, sorry to be a bit negative but I was hoping for a lot more. Chances are it was made with minimal budget which held things back a bit.
Thanks andrewF, think I,ll give the MIFF screening a miss then sad banana
Tago Mago
It reminds me to get a ticket for their show in september.
Great band to see live.
Wow. Where are they playing?
Tago Mago
Paris France and then Chile, Argentina, Brazil.
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