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Showtime A/V processor model 7004
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Author Showtime A/V processor model 7004
picked this up in a junkshop for a few $ today. Its full of 70s chips - 741, 555, 3046, 3096.
Seems to be a video switcher with a few extra features.
Any use? or just a relic that should be junked for parts?
pix are from ebay, but exactly the same as mine
Cool, Andrew!
It looks like it has some features beyond being just a generic switcher. "Image enhance" sounds like a high pass filter of some kind and "noise reducer" may be a low pass filter of some kind? Does it do anything interesting to the singal? Any kind of filter can be useful within a feedback loop.
had a play around with it, not particularly interesting. Except the gain function which can boost the video signal up to 5V amplitude (it claims, didn't check on the scope). May be useful for the Z channel when i try vector rescanning
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