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What new booty did you buy?
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Author What new booty did you buy?
Hey Mono-poly,
Sweet Telefunken EQs. Last year I passed on a pair and I totally regret it now. Those Synthi interfaces are rad too. I remember seeing those on eBay. Does that guy have a website?

New gear for me:
Korg Stage Echo
Machine Drum UW MKII
Serge Animal (on order. should be here in a month.)
I record all my stuff trough the telefunken.

synthi interfaces
In the last 24 hours i bought a PLL, an Anyware-Instruments VCO SlayerBadger! which is my 4th of this beast and a Woggle in MOTM style!
Anyware's making modules, now? Damn.

Edit, o, it's the ForuModular project, innit. I never checked that out. I should have my inSEQt next month, though =)
Ma nu booty. hihi It's actually still June 5th over here in the Mid-West Texas!

looks like kitty wants to go for a spin! Clap
Over the past 2 or 3 months I've been on kind of a buying spree...

Early this year - Elektron Machinedrum MKII UW

Elektron Monomachine MKII

8-core Mac Pro, which now has a dual G5 machine as it's extra processing power / bitch... and my Intel Macbook Pro when I'm not using it for something else.

Mackie C4 Pro


Microwave XT

Bleep Labs Bitblob

Atari Mega ST4

10 untouched 6582A SIDs which I hope to find time to put to use some time soon.

Eurorack case
A whole bunch of Doepfer modules
Makenoise Wogglebug
...and will be ordering more Eurorack stuff this week.

A Six Pac and a power supply for it. Modules to follow shortly

In the process of getting the details sorted to buy a 258v, and will be placing an order with Don within the next week or two for my initial 200e setup.

Chimera bC8 ordered... hopefully I don't get Plan B'd on it.
I blame having surgery earlier this year and being unable to skydive or BASE jump at all for a while for my purchases.
scozbor wrote:
this one is not mine, but will be quite similar when it's finished!
Dono-Kun Dance

Rage! angry love
i sold some gear and was going to use the money to finance some modcan stuff (my first step into the modular universe). that was, until i found a korg mono/poly for $450 usd. this board is really flexible and has a dirty sound. i suppose i'll have to hold off on the modcan but i'm not totally unhappy about it now. smile
Patiently waiting for my Flight of Harmony order.

Infernal Noise Machine & a Quad Plague Bearer
traded some electronics to a forum member for this...

Drunken Homer Simpson

does this count round here?
It sure counts around my place!
I've been really bad - in addition to the stuff I posted earlier that hasn't even arrived, I have these things:
From one Mr. Ugly, Canadian creator of interesting noise devices, whom I discovered while tripping on Venusian Phortt turds:

Earlier, I found this, an thought it might prove kind of interesting, though a little similar sonically perhaps to the weevils...from a Japanese manufacturer of noise devices that don't seem to make it to the states very often, an MASF osc 2

drool, we should get together and noise jam, and argue.

Rockin' Banana!


Dead Banana
suboptimal wrote:
drool, we should get together and noise jam, and argue.

Rockin' Banana!


Dead Banana

Sounds like fun. But I might die before I get all of this stuff. I put some more stuff up for sale. This has all been kind of an epiphany for me. and (btw) I don't know the noise scene very well - any recommendations of great stuff to listen to will be appreciated. I've found a little through the stuff I've been buying (bastard noise, mr ugly, and relistened to the merzbow album I have and quite liked it this time.

In any case, I think that a lot of the 'getting old' mentality, is succumbing to the negativity one initially feels towards new things. So, I try hard to be open (especially in music) to new stuff (although admittedly I don't listen nearly enough) - it's more being open to new concepts, and in some cases accepting one's own inclinations. I've always intuitively loved making sound for the sake of it, raucous noise, timbral excursions, etc - but (pathetically) I've just come around to the notion that it's really ok - it's NOT a copout.

In any case, sounds like fun.

Edit - that was a little incoherent - I mean that most of this stuff is forthcoming....and that I'll sell some more stuff to get even more.
oh, yeah. On a roll. Worked out a trade for this:

Looks a bit similar to (forgetting what they are called, but it's actually a very rare piece) - see
Nice score. I didn't realize they ever actually manufactured those. Always thought it was just vapour.
Well, there were apparently a few made. Fellow (David Talento) even did an album with just the LIFE and a dl4.
essex sound lab

Quasimidi Polymorph
Oberheim Xpander
Studio Electronics Omega 8

Modular (all on order):

STG Sea Devils Filter
STG Signal Amplifiers

COTK Clock Divider
COTK VC Analog Delay

Bride Chamber Threeler Multi-VCF
Bride Chamber Haible Tau Pipe Phaser

Oh, and an Elby Designs PolyDAC(X) with a custom front panel sporting 1/4" jacks and blue LEDs.
essex sound lab
Babaluma wrote:
recently bought an echo audiofire 12 and am still waiting for my thermionic culture pullet passive eq to be delivered.

I have an audiofire 8 + two audiofire 12's networked. Love 'em. They just work.

That reminds me, I also replaced my MIDI interfaces last week with a networked Unitor 8 and AMT 8 setup. I also bought an extra AMT 8 in case I want to expand further someday and can't find one anymore.
Zerotronics Mini-LE
Quantec QRS
Modcan 59a digital delay

Guinness ftw!
This was my present for myself today

mono-poly wrote:
Zerotronics Mini-LE
Quantec QRS
Modcan 59a digital delay

Guinness ftw!

Wow, thats a lot and of course a good choice! thumbs up
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