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Please Explain
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Author Please Explain
Doepfer a165 Dual Trigger Inverter/Modifier
Can someone please explain how this works ? Particularly interested in it being used with a VCA, since i'm still sort of unlocking the potential of a VCA.


Whats the difference btw. a linear and expotential VCA, example the
Doepfer 132-3

sorry for the Noob questions, and FYI, i have read the other VCA threads.
It's a logic "!="

Normally the voltage going into it would be low, let's call that "zero". In this state the voltage coming out of the 165 is high... let's call that.... "1"

send it a "1" (high voltage, typically a gate signal, as such coming from, say, a keyboard, or the upper half of a squarewave from, say, an LFO.)

When you do that you receive a "zero", or a low voltage.

This process does not amplify anything, it inverts a logical/digital signal, nothing else.

very different from what you'd use a vca for... VERY far, in fact smile
Linear and exponential VCAs are engineered for control voltages and audio, respectively. The "linear" and "exponential" refers to the curvature of the gain - in a 0 (no output) to 10 (maximum output) scale, linear would be a straight line from 0 to 10, whereas exponential would be an inwardly curved/bowed line. I'll include a little diagram to illustrate this below.

Either type can be used for either purpose, but the way that control voltages and audio work with circuits and the human ear (decibels) tends to make it so that you would want a linear response for a control voltage and an exponential response for audio. The easiest way to understand this is to use a linear and exponential VCA side by side, or a switching VCA like the 132-3 - turn the knob of one, then the knob of the other (or switch modes), and notice how the output is affected according to the type of VCA.
Obviously the exponential VCA is better for skateboarding hihi
It is also more satisfying for sledding or general Slip n' Slide purposes.
2ft. Vert.

Fuck yeah!

screaming goo yo
thanks for the great info !! much appreciated.
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