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trees fall live av performance video
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Author trees fall live av performance video

beginnings of a live a/v project. This is a recording of the 2nd live a/v performance from this group, and the first time that the hardware configuration was (largely) functional.

Still a very experimental set and a lot of the configuration was just the playing out of a hypothetical technique. More on the way...

Materials used:

dual bend matrix -> atari 2600 / bent sony video effects processor
LZX visionary
various CV processing modules

bend matrix / atari 2600
bend matrix MIDI / reason

note: I only have one video oscillator atm, and that was the only oscillator used (unless you count retriggered EGs)
Looks cool! I noticed the external video feed is scrolling -- just checking to make sure that's intentional -- flipping the switch down locks the feed in place, right? I had a couple of Video Sync Generators from the batch early this year go out that had an issue with this, so I'm just double checking to make sure.

I'm looking forward to see how your setup continues to evolve!
I sent you my CVE... Unfortunately after using it a bit I still can't seem to get it to work. I have gotten it to sync but it almost seems like the tolerance is very small, like the signal has to be quite close timing-wise...

I think that sync would have probably helped this piece!
I'll PM you about it. You shouldn't be having trouble syncing to most devices (the only thing I've found that is out of range is a cheapo scan converter that was glitchy anyway.)
Oh nice, from quickly flicking through the vid I think I'll put aside half an hour to watch this and give it full attention.
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