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SSL Steiner filter Demo
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Author SSL Steiner filter Demo
This is a very improvised demo of the SSL Steiner filter. Maybe the most noticeable thing about this module is the way resonance reacts to input volume and modulation. It can be sweet and gentle, but also kind of wild and screaming. It seems that below some input levels the resonance tends to get down suddenly, thus making the module a little out of control sometimes. You hear first the HP, then BP, then LP. The second half of the clip is a 303-like sequence, perfect to show the agressive side of this filter. I have not compressed or edited the clip. So you can hear the actual differences in output level whith different cutoff and resonance settings. With factory setting (wich is not selfoscillation) the module is way more controllable, but I wanted to go for a walk on the wild side. I tweaked the internal trimmer to get selfoscillation. Watch your ears and speakers.


My module had a problem with the sensibility of the cv and 1v/oct inputs. Way too low. Even sending more than 10 volts with an envelope and keyboard voltage it was impossible to open the filter properly. Doug was very helpful from the first moment and he offered to repair and pay all shipping costs, but as you can hear on the clip, we could find a workaround to fix the problem without returning the unit.

I will be looking for Doug's new modules for sure. nanners
Awesome demo. Thanks for posting this!
SSL should release this bad-boy in Euro format thumbs up w00t
Didn't Arturia just come out with a version of this filter, built into their new keyboard? Could make for yet more "schoolgirl tantrum" tracks being produced... meh
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