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Author amsynths?
these seem awesome modules grin and pretty good price

what about the sound?

good quality?

what do you think

thumbs up
I have the jupiter 6 multimode filter. Sound and build quality are excellent. hihi
cant wait for the vco

i hope its good

their pricing seems fair and they arnt cramped as much as the rest of euro
But can they actually be purchased? That's the question...
I purchased the jp6 filter and love it. I'm planning on getting some of the other modules as well in the future.
wintchil wrote:
I purchased the jp6 filter and love it. I'm planning on getting some of the other modules as well in the future.

From them direct? Did you have to preorder?

Not much available there at the moment
yea i think if theres something you want you just ask and see when or if its in

i cant wait for their vco grin
I did it direct. No problems.
just received my jp8 filter and its lovely. bought direct - rob was very helpful; build is great too.

i have a feeling i'll be getting a whole lot of amsynths kit...
it took me a week from ordering to get my 8060 about 2 months ago. such an amazing filter. the build quality is some of the best i've seen in audio gear period.
id like to get the arp vco as well.
The 8060 is SUCH a NEAT FILTER!!!!! SlayerBadger! screaming goo yo
Has any one here been in contact with Rob lately ?
I put in a price request on...Friday I think? Sounds like the guy is plenty busy. I don't mind waiting a little bit for a MaxiKorg filter, though. 8_)
Rob confirmed my order today!!!! Rockin' Banana!
Ok, I'm a little concerned about Rob's lack of attention to paid orders.

I paid for dual ADSR over two weeks ago and then I receive an email saying he said he would ship the next day.

I never received a tracking number and two weeks had already passed and no package showed up.

I followed up on Wednesday 4/25, he then replied on 4/26 saying he would ship on Friday 4/27.

I never received a tracking number, again. So I sent him an email last night and I haven't received a response so far, no tracking and shipping confirmation.

I'd like give Rob the benefit of the doubt but I'm a little uneasy by the lack of follow thru
i wouldnt be worried. however the email answering part of AM could use an improvement thats for sure. hmmm.....
If you are using airmail post the tracking number is useless anyway.

Have you paid for FedEx or UPS?
His website says any orders shipped to N. America are shipped via Airsure (tracked and insured):

If the modules are built to order, I'm fine with that, I just like up front communication if that's the case.
Got a tracking number and shipping confirmation last night.
I have Emu sub modules in my home built from the 70"s. Dave Rossum told me back in the 70's they were potted in epoxy for temp stability for the exp converter, yet yours are not. Interesting. I want to add to my emu based system at some point.
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