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newbie looking for advice
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Author newbie looking for advice
I am considering a modular and wondering how I can integrate some of my existing gear into it.
My current analogue gear includes:

moog realistic mg1
korg ms20
yamaha cs5

I understand that the yamaha and korg use a different voltage system and would to know the options of including them into a setup, if at all.

I have got a few effect units that have CV inputs and would like to know if these could be included. Current effects include:
3 moogers.

Sorry for the long post, I feel like I have a million questions regarding how modulars despite reading around here for a while but still scratching my head.

Well, they integrate by plugging them into one another wink

All kidding aside, the different voltage range isn't that big of a deal, unless you need/want them to all track pitch together up and down the keyboard.

Any effects with CV can of course be included and even without CV, they are certainly capable of processing the audio.

In some cases, the audio signal level may need to be attenuated when using external audio processors (some line level processors as well as guitar pedals/processors), but that's about it.

In addition to my modular I also have 3 moogerfoogers (102, 103, 104) and a CP-251 and they are frequently used in concert with the the modular patches.

It's really as simple as "outputs go to inputs" and "attenuate when necessary".
welcome Guinness ftw!

a question back - how do you want to integrate the korg/yamaha/moog? do you want to process their sounds within a modular or do you want to patch them together (e.g. using the ms20 patch panel) so you can control aspects of them with a modular?

i'm not familiar with the effects you have but in general their cv inputs should work fine with a modular - i'm not sure what the cv ranges are on them but all that might be necessary is attenuating your cv to a degree. if you want to patch them into the audio path you'll probably need something like this to keep the levels right (most guitar pedals in particular expect much smaller signal levels than a modular produces):

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