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Euro Modular Synth ReadMe.1st
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Author Euro Modular Synth ReadMe.1st
Thank you for this wonderful resource.
this is helpful, thank you
this is lit ty yall
I'm new to modular and this thread is just great, thanks so much all!
thumbs up good post. Thanks
Thanks for putting this together - helping my brain work it all out....slowly....
Thanks so much for this. It really is a useful source. I'm starting to plan out my first eurorack and I was wondering if I might get a bit of advice / critique / thoughts on my plan.

Here's a screen shot from Modgulargrid.

The plan is for the following (in order of purchase / acquisition):

1. 60 HP Moog Case
2. TipTop uZeus
4. Michigan Synth Works mBrane (As a cheaper, smaller alternative to MI Yarns)
5. MN Rosie
6. 2hp Dual VCA
7. Erica Synths Pico VCF
8. MN Maths
9. 2hp delay
10. 2hp ADSR
11. 2hp LFO
12. 2hp verb

I plan to use this initial rack and should I really enjoy the process, then get a second 60 HP tier and maybe some nicer filters, envelopes, and effects. I keep going back and forth between the 60 HP case and 104 HP case but I really think I want the smaller width footprint and I'm also into the idea of working first with a small system and becoming quite familiar with the modules, and the whole environment, before expanding.

I plan to use my Korg Minilogue XD as a midi controller / interface it with the CV inputs. I was recommended the Yarns as a MIDI interface since it can also double up as a digital oscillator. The Michigan Synths version is about $100 cheaper.

I've received some mix reactions towards the Rosie being included in my first build, but coming from a mixing engineers perspective, it is quite important to me to have a dedicated output and know that I can be attenuating volume at the last stage and not be having any effect on the way the patch is running elsewhere in the chain. I'm also quite enthusiastic about the headphone out with its discrete level control, as well as the send and return insert function of the unit.

I'm quite interested in the Maths and have sort of built the system around implementing that unit.

If anyone has any suggestions, alternative recommendations, or if you feel the maths makes some other modules redundant, I'm really looking forward to hearing.

Thanks in advance!
maths takes up a lot of room for what it provides and once yu use it as an lfo or nvelope or whatever its no longer able to perform other functions - its worth considering a number of smaller dedicated modules instead...
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