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Super Psycho Lfo
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Author Super Psycho Lfo
Hi everybody.

Recently i get an Elby Designs-Ken Stone Super Psycho Lfo, but i don´t know how to includ it in my system, and i need ideas to use it. Any idea will be wellcome.

Thanks in advance
Use it to modulate oscillators, filters, VCAs, delays, other modulation sources, and everything else under the sun for fluorescent-lamp-emulating, pseudo random weirdness.
I don't have one, but that is what I'd do with it if I did.
Oh, and it probably makes a tastey clock source as well.

I remember Babaluma telling me something about how he uses a single Psycho LFO to modulate his Blacet Time Machines in order to get some fluttery, wobbley, subtle tape delay emulation out of the bucket brigades.
I do believe that they can also be used in order to generate multi-oscillator drones.
Pockets McCoy
I've got the house to myself for a week, so here's a few demo's, because making them is yet another means of taking advantage of my ability to make an awful ruckus at 2 in the morning with no whining. screaming goo yo

SPLFO to FM input of VCO:

SPLFO as multi-oscillator drone:

SPLFO clocking the A-155 sequencer in random mode. The CV out of the sequencer sets the frequency of a VCO, and certain steps are set to gate the VCA:

SPLFO modulates the VCO frequency, filter cutoff, VCA level, and BBD clock frequency:
Awesome. That last sound file sounds like this guy being jammed into a blender. screaming goo yo

Loved it.
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