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Why so silent about the ADDAC302 – Nchunk Control?
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Author Why so silent about the ADDAC302 – Nchunk Control?
I am seriously thinking about getting the ADDAC302, but there is not much talk about it... is it good? If you have it, how do you use it?

I would use it to slowly sweep filters, pitch drones, trigger envelopes etc. Mainly use it to create slowly shifting ambient landscapes in a live environment.
Good choice?

It would probably be the only thing the Wii is good for. hihi
I have actually had some fun with the Wii Resident Evil. But I guess I will have more fun with this.
I don't own the module but I've been playing with my modular and the Wiimote/Nunchuk and it's great.
I needed the computer for this purpose and it was not super stable so I don't do it anymore.
I use the C switch gate to sample voltage from one of it's axis with a sample & hold, then feed it to a VCO (a quantizer would be nice to play in tune).
The Z switch i use to gate an envelop.
All other out puts are use to modulate filter or whatever.

It's a very cool and stable module, have fun with it thumbs up
I still love mine. Its great for modulating wavetables on the Piston Honda or E350 (or both at the same time). I like to use the XY joystick with the Sound of Shadows. The manual gates are great for swapping ROM banks on the Piston and changing samples on the .WAV module. So many uses and so much control, all with one hand!

i haven't answered before just because i don't want to be a car salesmen stating how good the module is.

thanks lightworks and bunkdata for sharing your experiences with it!

i think being such a "techy/geeky" module it may only interest certain types of user's. I still use it constantly in improvisational contexts where i need a tool that can be responsive to the dynamics being developed by the ensemble, be it fast or slow attacks, sweeps, volumes... i use it a lot with the .wav players, triggering files from it as well as controlling filters and vca's with the joystick and accelerometer.
I especially like it for those reasons, i can have control at some points of the system that i don't want to rely on lfo's, randoms or other sources...

my 5 cents...

all the very best
nrdvrgr wrote:

I would use it to slowly sweep filters, pitch drones, trigger envelopes etc. Mainly use it to create slowly shifting ambient landscapes in a live environment.
Good choice?

That is the way i use mine. It is an ergonomic Joystick with one more dimension and gate triggers. Whole lot of fun!
could be fun with the JAG?
I really want one, but turns out it is way too deep for my case... really really unfortunate. (My portable case can only take max 55 mm)
I have one for a month and it's terrific!
I use he accelerometer to morph beetween wavetables from the honda and the 350 and to animate spread and chaos on the E340. It's also on the frequency of high resonance fiters... I use the joystick X axis as an envelope on the math and the 2 buttons as triggers for short math envelopes.
I'll try to shoot a video later tonight...
It's really cool to use the nunchuck without computer and to have so many cv outs.
Having this controller in the palm of the hand allows to plug cables and to tweak buttons while playing, that's very ergonomic.
I think I'll DIY a panel of attenuaverters/multiples just for this module...
And I really consider buying a JAG to get even more subtle variations and manage many outs!
I shot a video yesterday, it's better late than never...

It is a patch featuring ADDAC Nchunk controlling the wavetable morphing of the E350 and the Piston Honda. it also controls the spread and chaos of the E340. They control frequencies of different filters.
Buttons A and B control channel 1 and 4 enveloppes of the Math. The joystick controls rise and fall of math envelope on the X axis and Y axis is mixed with math enveloppes through math channel 2.
Sum of math channel 1, 2, 3 (for offset) ad 4 are sent to QMMG CV in.
All goes through a springverb.
Wogglebug sends 1V/oct to the oscillators...
The Oscilloscope shows XY out and Z out of the E350 in Lissajou mode.

Really cool!
SlayerBadger! well done Protofrangiste - love the sounds! SlayerBadger!
I need a 3d oscilloscope. What are they called?
oljud wrote:
I need a 3d oscilloscope. What are they called?

You have to make sure three is a XY mode to make these Lissajou curves
on mine there is :
-Channel 1
-Channel 2
Ok. Very pretty!
I just bought this module a couple of days ago, really enjoying it!

Having used the X axis Accelerometer as a kind of theremin, I could see its potential as a pitchbend, very expressive and really natural vibrato can be achieved. The only problem is that there’s no easy way to get your hand back to the ‘zero’ position so playing with a keyboard meant the tuning was all over the shop.

I have managed to solve this problem.

If you use a S&H to sample the X voltage, then use MATHS channels 2 and 3 (or alternative) to invert this sampled voltage and mix it back in with the ‘live’ X voltage, they should cancel each other out and effectively ‘Zero’ the position, this will then create positive and negative voltages, ideal for pitch bend.

One of the trigger buttons is used to turn on the pitch bend voltage (gating a VCA), and zero it (triggering the S&H) simultaneously, so you don’t have to worry about where your hand is…

It really works very well, just hold the trigger and twist the nunchuck to bend, release the trigger to release.

It took a while to get the MATHS channels 2 and 3 to almost cancel each other out in all nunchuck positions (enough so that it's not audible) so it's probably better to use a dedicated voltage inverter. I was unable to balance the voltages perfectly, so pitch bends of over a couple of octaves will misbehave. It worked perfectly well for bends of about 5 semitones last night.

Larger bends can be used by twisting the controller fully left or right before pressing the trigger and bending in the opposite direction, this is due to the zero position being reset to one end or the other allowing most of the 'travel' in the opposite direction.
Has there been any revisions of the Nunchuck controller or is it just to buy a pink one off eBay? I just want to make sure that all are compatible with this module before buying anything.
has anyone tried using this to trigger drum modules? like the asol, tip top, or any others? i imagine it would be a lot of fun. would love to see someone try this.
Bishop Dust
Yes i m triggering drums with it, pretty funny in the meantime not so easy... mainly when you are playing a long time. Kick on Aand Snare on B (asol modules, i have a small stress, i have to buffer the output of the nunchuck to have some sound... otherwise the asol modules dectect the trigger but no sound out...

I m going to try some stuff with some percussions / hi hat maybe with a peg for clock multiplication... HH burst with the kick would also be lovely...
(I've asked before, but got no answer)

Is this module compatible with all Nunchuck controllers? The ones I see on eBay seems to have a more square connector as opposed to the round one displayed on the module on your website.

Is this for example going to be okay:

As far as I remember, yes. I think it is a standard Wii controller that comes with the module. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
I contacted ADDAC and they verified that the module comes with a controller. Also that they could modify the module to fit the square connector if I sent them the controller (!). Great service!
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