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I ask again at the oracle that is Muffwiggler
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Author I ask again at the oracle that is Muffwiggler
Hello All,

You guys (and girls???) have been incredibly helpful on my modular journey. My initial idea of a small system has turned (4 months later) into a 4 rack system that is blowing me away on a daily basis!.

The learning curve has been steep but I (again) am asking for help to fill the nagging holes in my system.

Have I left out any really important utility modules that I am unaware of. The Tyne Sefari & (or) Zorlon seem great but someone mentioned I probably need a CV mixer (A-138a?) so I am willing to wait on the Harvestman until (fuck!!!smile I buy another case.

With the limited space what should I buy!!!!!!!!!. The A-152 seems interesting but I am (to be honest) not exactly sure just what the fuck it does.

Cheers and best
Hi Richard,
If you don't already have what you've currently pictured, I would just sit tight with what you've laid out here and wait and see what you think you need next.

I can't stress enough how much more advantageous it is to grow a system than to buy a whole system at once.

I guarantee that some of those modules you will end up not liking, or find out that they may not quite do what you would expected...that's just the nature of these things.

Start with just enough to get you by (a VCO or two, some LFOs/EGs, VCAs and a couple things) and then build from there.

Don't worry to much about holes, or think that they indicate some lacking functionality. I have more modules that I can generally use in a single patch and I *still* have gaping holes in my monstercase. You'll be surprised what a couple modules are capable of. And, once you see what that combo is capable of (or rather, not capable of) you know exactly what modules to expand with.

That really is some good advice. Cheers. I generally go into things 1000% so the obsessive compulsive in me wants it all. Same with books and Astronomy. If only I had been safisfied with collecting bottle caps as a kid!!!!!.

I have the same thing, and trust me that I was doing the same thing with a A-100P case when I was getting into it. But due to some financial things at the time, I couldn't get it all at once. In fact, the first two modules that I bought were the M13 dual timbrel gates and the A-143-2 quad adsr. The only thing I had to make sound was the carrier out on my moog ring mod and my Frostwave Resonantor filter self-oscillating.

I didn't have a "real" VCO for like 6 months. Just the Dalek modulator and the Vulcan modulator. Both work in audio rates and offered plenty of functionality to explore possibilities with my system.

Through all of that I realized that each new module brought more to the system than just its specific functions, and the more time that I had spent with the previous modules, the more functional use I can get out of the new modules.

I'm at the point now where I think I've expanded a little too fast and need to spend more time mastering what I've already got.
so the obsessive compulsive in me wants it all. Same with books and Astronomy.

You collect stars?!?! eek!

I 2nd the advise of felix. My impulse is to get it all at once, but my fiscal reality has my modular growing at a much slower rate. This has worked out great for me because I can spend a lot more quality time getting to know each module when I get it.

Case in point; I got my VCS about a year and a half ago, it made my plain `ol VCO-VCF-VCA rig come alive. I got my #3 Wogglebug a couple of months ago and I've just be floored with it. Just the VCS & Bug alone are a powerful combo.

That being said I still want a house with a room made out of modules.
Hey Richard,

I was just thinking about your system today with a little moving around you could get a matrix mixer which would do you for CV and Audio (both the Doepfer and Harvestman ones have AC/DC coupling switches and can act as matrix polarizers) and if you wanted another Envelope Generator the Analogue solutions EG01 envelopes have a decent repeating function that you can drive right into the audio range. They are a bit mushier sounding than MFB Dual ADSR module but it will do inverted envelopes in ADSR mode and the repeating function is nice to have of course if you want to try your luck with Plan B my ASR should be ariving any day now you're welcome to come over and try it as a 4hp substitute for the Doepfer A-152 leaving you eight spaces for that dual quantizer you were musing over.

By the way, I've got my Vostok at home right now if you're free sometime this week I think I owe you some coffee and a mix CD.
in regards to the A-152 question....

i love that module so much i have two.

great module with many cool uses.

a) 2-8 way sequential switch
b) graphic VCO: input 2-8 waveforms and run an audio rate clock signal to generate new and interesting waveforms.
c) insert a vco into the common in and have it go to multiple filters / effects in step to a clock or voltage into the Address CV.
d) plug the digital outs into a linear mixer and create two 4 step sequencers or one 8 step sequencer with a voltage controller switch
e) lots more uses!!!!!!!

hope that helps.
I recommend you acquire an A141 for a voltage controlled envelope...
Wait, I see a big problem! no wogglebug d'oh!
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