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plague bearer CV
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Author plague bearer CV
I just got a pb used in the mail and was having some fun with it.

Piston Honda -> Borg II -> PB.. Really awesome!!

Anyway, I decided it would be cool to modulate from this beating thing to a more grungy thing, which I was doing by turning the low know. So I sent an lfo to the low cv in. But what this did was do a vibrato effect.

I was just reading the manual and it said CV was 0->12V, does this mean that I need to send positive voltage only? Any tips on how to do this? I know I could use the Malekko 8n8r but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something obvious. I'm a NOOB!
the plague bearer is a weird thing...

LFO modulations from my XS are perfect @ full intensity... adding an attenuator will make them too miniscule

modulations from my patch panel SEM's LFOs are too strong... they absolutley need attenuation

i don't know what makes sense... but i do beleive that if you take the plague bearer as it self... and learn through trial and error... with your set up.... i THINK these devices are actually different.. a little bit.. between themselves... and when mixed into someone elses collection... they are even more different

senergistic is the best work... even if i spelled it wrong...and maybe i am wrong... but i really feel like f(h) gear isn't like other companies and 100% identical.. i think it must have .0001 % magic in it... it may be such a small percentage that it would be natural to think it doesn't matter.. maybe it doesn't.. maybe it is me... but it doesn't really matter...

at the end of the day.. i believe f(h) gear is "old school" in spirit.. as in.. not so precise like my new synths...maybe.. its more like an instrument... i know it is only 4 filters with adjustable corner freqs and gain/slope amount thingy that I can't quite wrap my head around... but at the end of the day it doesn't matter... because i hit it with audio.. and i hit it with CV,, and there are time when i do things right.. that make people with years upon years of experience in the music industry say "WTF.... damn... really? wow?" and... i do this accidentally..

it may be some crude form of trial and error on my part.... but Flight has made that trial and error experience more than just rewarding but a learning one... because the Quad Plague Bearer hasn't ever behaved as I expected... i think it might... but honestly.. it probably wont... but i think with some attenu-vertors... and deffinitely a 4 channel mixer... with the mixer and something to polarize my CVs... i think the QPB will astound, impress, and just fucking stupify me in many many more ways...

i'm rambling now

booze is bad... deleterd all the other shit i said.. i hope i contributed something usefull with the avoce... if not.. fuck.. i think i deserve the _1 post count.. maybe someday i'll be able to parti8cipate in the WTB
The plague is weird. Sometimes I gel with it, others it lies neglected. But I'm happy I have one. Going to play with it now to see what I get.
I just had some fun with the self oscillating, I'll have to try attenuating the uLFO output and see what I get..

computer controlled
Here is a thread i started where i used my Oberkorn to modulate the High and Low CV of the PB.

I've found moding the CV ins sounds rather nice =o]
Nice. How did you mod your cv ins?
computer controlled
Moding = "Modulating".
Attenuation + rectification definitely did the trick on the plague bearer. Nice!
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