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Newbie question: Cwejman S1 Mk2 + AFG
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Author Newbie question: Cwejman S1 Mk2 + AFG
green onion

My first post on this great forum.

I recently entered the modular landscape and have read many threads here over the past few days already. I've noticed that, to my relief like many other novices, it's very easy to get overwhelmed, with both GAS and an info overload, especially when, like in my case, things like CV/Gate etc. are all still pretty abstract.

Nevertheless, I'm convinced the wealth of info here will eventually teach me tons about modular synthesis. (I've played hardwired gear for quite a few years already btw.)

To start with I recently bought a hardly used S1 Mk2 and also a small diy Eurorack case + power supply and power distribution rail. I've added a Livewire AFG a few days ago, and have since, with high expectations, tried to use this with the Cwejman. Must admit I ended up frowning a lot of the time... Foremost because I realize I have hardly any ideas of what I can actually patch and what kind of connections I shouldn't patch between Cwejman and AFG (any risk of blowing up any circuits...?)

I've connected a (red) CV output on the CW to the 1vOct on the AFG most of the time, and patched waveform outputs on the AFG to various inputs on the CW. What I'm really puzzled about is the whole Harmonic Animation section on the right of the AFG. I've tried patching this area into the CW but nothing happened really. I also can't find a 'manual' of any kind for the AFG. Can anybody explain this section to me a bit, and give some examples of which section of the CW I can patch this into...?

I'm also wondering I already need modules like an extra vca and a mixer to make better use of the Livewire in this tiny setup?

Newbie questions, but I've found that just keeping on digging in more and more threads is starting to overload me a bit already d'oh!

I'd welcome some hints that can push me in a good direction.

Many thanks in advance for any useful replies!
The harmonic animation section of the AFG are Inputs - not outputs smile

If the Cwejman S1 Mk2 has outputs for some of its CV modulators like an LFO you could patch these into the harmonic animation section of the AFG. You can also patch audio rate signals in and things get crazy.

you can think of the -PWM and +PWM (left section) as advanced Pulse Width modulation allowing the positive and negative pulse width to be modulated seperately. I am not sure what the PPM (right side) does, but it sounds cool. the harmonic animation only affects the Animated Pulses and Alien Saws outputs.

I usualy patch phase offset modulators into this section, such as a quadrature LFO or offset envelopes.
green onion
Thanks haven!

Ai, outputs (screaming goo yo) not inputs (Guinness ftw!) Today I'll be patching CW outputs and audio rate signals into the Harmonic section. Am very curious.

I'll keep experimenting with the other sections also.

Still wondering if there's any file that explains the AFG a bit more? So far I haven't been able to find this, LiveWire doesn't offer much info on their website either.
No, unfortunately there isn't much documentation then again. I suspect when the expander modules come out so will more info.

You do bring up a very good point in that for someone more or less starting out with modulars, quite a few jacks aren't marked in or out. Jacks marked "CV" on this unit mean inputs, so that might help a little

On the upside, surely people here and on the Livewire Yahoo list can help out if you have specific questions.

One of the things I've noticed on the Cwejman is that he opts for a lot of Voltage controlled inputs (VCAs), which is probably cool. But doesn't seem to have much in the way of attenuators as far as I can tell. I just have a bunch of Cwejman modules but no S1. It's like the opposite of the Macbeth M5 which has these great big sliders, often more than one for most inputs. One really needs a means of controlling the input level to a module, often you don't want 100% of the signal to be input. You can use a voltage mixer to attenuate signals but it's a bit of an overkill. Something like this forthcoming module . Plan B has a similar one though people are having major problems with their service. Some people build their own since it's perhaps the second easiest module to do it yourself (multiples would be the easiest).

Anyway you can experiment with VCOs, LFOs and ADSRs input into the various AFG inputs. The next logical step would be to experiment with those same modules with a VCA in-between and another VCA, LFO or ADSR controlling the VCA. Or you can do the reverse with the output of the AFG controlling something on the S1. Remember the low range of the AFG acts like an LFO
green onion
Thanks for your suggestions ndkent!

I'll register on the Livewire Yahoo list. You're right about the need for more attenuators than the Cwejman offers. I'll take a closer look at the Doepfer Dual Attenuator you suggested.

I wasn't aware yet that all CV's on the AFG's are inputs! So this info certainly helps also. Chugging Beers

I'm continuing to experiment and will kept your suggestions within reach!

Thanks again.
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