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New Blacet Fan
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Author New Blacet Fan

Newbie here AND to modular...finally pulled the trigger after all these years of lusting and I started my crossover to the dark side with a Blacet rack of goodies.

Imp Drive
Binary Zone
Filthy Filter

Such lovely little beasties! Soon to procure an LFO and possibly a second BZ - is it even posible to have too many of them?!

I also did two of these from a kit and I must say that the ease of build, despite the complexity of the modules was quite welcome. Took me less than 4 hours per module and they both worked right out of the gate - hooray for Blacet!

Congrats on the builds. The Binary Zone is such a good module. It just needs to be available in every format. I've got one and I think that every rig needs at the very very least 2 of these. It's my fave Blacet module.

I was about to state that it could only be better if it made cocktails... and then I turned around and it was doing so. How much more awesome could it be?

None. None more awesome.
Welcome to the addiction Exuviae. Coffee Addiction FTW

I started a little over a year ago, and now I have almost 5 Frac racks full.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
This is a friendly group of people at Muff's.

The Binary Zone rules. There is a thread on here about some of its uses.
The Improbability Drive has some good mods available for it (again detailed in a thread here).
I haven't modded mine yet, but I plan to soon.

There is another thread on here about ultra-small patches.
What kind of sounds have you been patching up so far?
Binary Zone modulating Improb. Drive, and Filthy Filter with noise as a sound source into the filter?
Filthy Filter self oscillating, modulated by BZ and ID?
ID to clock in on BZ (as divider) processed by Filthy Filter?
+1 for 2 Binary Zones!!!!

They are magic, you will be needing a Miniwave (or 2) as well!

love love Blacet!

Yeah a second BZ would great - you could even use it as a suboctave generator when not in use a a pseudo-sequencer.

But definitely get a MiniWave (or two) to go along with it, as well as a Window Comparator (which is on my short list as well!) SlayerBadger!
is that a new module especially designed for the summer?

parasitk wrote:
Yeah a second BZ would great - you could even use it as a suboctave generator when not in use a a pseudo-sequencer.

My favourite use at the moment is to take the suboctave generator set-up, but use one of the bottom knobs to create clocks which are related to the whats being played by the VCO! SlayerBadger! Use that BZ output to drive the clock in of the 2nd BZ eek! Throw a Window Comparator in there MY ASS IS BLEEDING

PS. The Window Comparator is great for boinging a LPG! Don't bother with no Envelope the W/C outputs are well & truly chunky enough w00t
Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! far I have been using other audio sources to fuel my filters and whatnot. The Plague Bearer also makes a pretty fuggin' killer oscillator IMO. The Mopho is also a great source to run through processors and then use the BZ synced to the Frostwave FAT to sweep shit around.

Using the s/h and the quantized noise output of the ID to modulate stuff is severely awesome and yes...I've used the Mini Wave extensively at friend's place and it will make it's way to the studio in time.

I think I need things like the Window Comparator explained to me or at least given an example of what I could use it for...

I also got a Klang Werk in my initial purchase, but am not all that in love with it. In fact, I think I'll go post it, along with a few other goodies in the Buy Sell Trade thread.


For Window Comparator low down grin

Have you had the Klangwerk for awhile? It took a little bit for it to click for me. Have you used it much as a VCA? I love playing the blend knob, fantastic dynamic control for a big synth part.

tbh I don't like it as a straight up Ring Mods Ring Mod, if you know what I mean. I really need something else for bell tones / FX etc. & I'm going to make a couple of CMOS based faux-mods soon for sonic destruction. The Klangwerk likes to be werked tho! Feed the internal Modulator CV an oscillator! screaming goo yo

The clip I posted in the aove Window Comparator thread is heavy on the Klangwerk as well, its making the VCO cranky hihi
Yeah it took me a minute to really "get" the Klang as well. It's definitely not a traditional ring mod by any stretch.
I too have not quite "got" the Klangwerk yet. I'm doing my bells via FM. I think I've used the Klangwerk a bit like the slow ring mod settings on a CS80.
yep -the Window Comparator is going to have to make it here at some point!

Still not terribly enthralled with the Klang - especially since I now have a MakeNoise Wogglebug. Woo Ha!

thanks again for all the info guys - it's great to finally be in the modular extended family.

I love my KW because it's the first module I made. And it actually works!!
2 slightly detuned triangle waves into the KW love love love
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