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missed opportunity
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Author missed opportunity
Chuck E. Jesus
saw this on craigslist yesterday:

to me looks really nice and worth tossing a couple bucks into...i love those type of guits...but it's very difficult to get out anywhere that far (up in chicago) so i had to let it go...i played a similar vintage japan guit at a used music store a few weeks back, in crappy condition and for i think 250 bucks, but it had a great blues/60's garage sound...ahhh, what can you do...just good to see there are still interesting deals going down....

hopefully going to bring my twin in this weekend for her much needed tune-up....

and on the "actually playing" tip, i learned "scotch and soda" this morn...

good addition with this forum muff, nice to see the NE hippie around razz
Muff Wiggler
oh crap!! that would have been an awesome score!
Chuck E. Jesus
Muff Wiggler wrote:
oh crap!! that would have been an awesome score!

yeah, i wish i could've jumped on that....but you know, since posting i jammed on my epi and talman, and my son just sat there watching me (nice to know i have some influence on the younger generation 8)) and i think actually, i'm covered on the fiddles:

Epiphone Sheraton-good overdriven, late 60's/early 70's stones sound..solid all-around guit, fairly well made afaik...

Ibanez Talman-quite versitle: less OD bucker sound, somewhat 60's garage/country/almost strat tones (two buckers with lipstick middle and the in-betweeny selections) really speaks with a pedal behind it, butter leads....imo these things were sleepers (not too pretty, crap electronics, but play and sound sweet)....

Washburn Acoustic- no idea the model or year or where it was made, can't find one like it on the net, but i'm sure they made thousands (i suspect late 80's or early 90's)...just a good cheap ass acoustic, the best i could find for <200bucks, and i looked for a long's very bright with a medium action you can really dig in on...stays in tune all the way up the neck, it's the guit i play every day....

Seagull 12 String Acoustic- found it for $189 (w/ hardshell case out the door) at a Sam Ash is a very functioning 12 string, i'm not going to look for another, 'nuff said....

one thing i've learned over the years: it really doesn't matter the make/model/year of a guit, it really is the individual instrument and how it feels to the player...i have gripes about all my axes, but i picked them out after trying many, many axes over the span of about five years or so, and i bought them for the price/performance ratio...i have to say i am still pleased every time i play any of them, and that's about as good as you can expect...i'd like to get some "nicer" guits some day, but i honestly think that might be it for me (although i'd still like a Reverend Club King RT someday grin )

ps: i played/sang "rudolph the red nosed reindeer" a few times on the guit for my kids, and my son is now singing it while walking around doing his thing, and that's pretty cool...he also sings "raindrops keep falling on my head", another acoustic fav of mine lol

pps: that Univox would have KICKED ASS!!!!
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