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Ming Mecca: Possibly relevant to your interests
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Author Ming Mecca: Possibly relevant to your interests
Cool stuff!! I'm really looking forward to programming some "voltage controlled games" and interactive stuff once we get our frame buffer module out.

I don't have enough info to comment on the possibilities but if there's any way to make your new subformat talk nicely with LZX Visionary modules, that would be awesome. Being able to sync the video output of "Ming Mecca" with the LZX distributed sync signals for example, and offering 1V RGB/LZX compatible outputs would be huge. For example, using LZX modules dynamically within your "video game patch" to add another layer of graphic processing after your system's output, would be awesome.

Really excited to see what develops!
Thanks for the interest! Your work has been a huge inspiration to me.

The World Core uses a Parallax Propeller microcontroller; the video hardware is stupidly simple (just a 3-bit resistor network DAC that more or less gives you composite video straight off the chip). All the real work happens in firmware, with the good stuff like Hsync, color burst etc. all being buried deep in the bowels of the Parallax ASM video driver.

The short answer is that slaving to an external sync is possible, but would require modifying a level of code I'm currently using as a "black box"; same for streaming out direct RGB channels.

But never say never Mr. Green I agree it would be super awesome to have real LZX compatibility. I've added it to the list of "if I don't collapse from exhaustion first" features.

At the very least, the composite output could be processed by LZX modules via the sync generator Y input. I've always considered it necessary to have a few LZX modules in there for post processing w00t
Cool! I have experimented with the Propeller Backpack board, and have a circuit for an LZX Propeller module drafted up. It has USB input for programming and three RGB outs, and syncs to the LZX sync header. It would be a fun module to have up and running at some point. It will require programming an "LZX Video Driver" for it, but that shouldn't be too hard. It's mainly just a matter of modifying the existing VGA drivers to run off of interlaced PAL/NTSC sync timings.

You could definitely send the Composite output in thru the upcoming Color Video Decoder & Frame Synch module, but full RGB integration right out of the core would be so cool for something like this, I love the concept!! I wonder if our upcoming frame buffer module (which will be reprogrammable) will be able to be integrated somehow.

Looking forward to following this closely.
Oh wow... so I take it the Color Video Decoder will do more than just restore/pass along luma like the Video Sync Generator does? Really cool.

I have so much I/O planned for the propeller (even with multiplexing) that I know pins are going to be in short supply -but if I can spare the additional digital outputs required for VGA than maybe we could collaborate on the LZX-modified driver.

In any case I'll definitely keep you in the loop as my designs solidify.
Color Video Decoder will do more than just restore/pass along luma like the Video Sync Generator does?

That's right. There are two modules planned for external inputs entering the system. One is a triple DC restore/luma pass like the VSG (only it also has buffered sync outputs and a YUV to RGB matrix mix) and the other is Color Video Encoder & Frame Synchronizer, which is a full frame timebase corrector that decodes a Composite signal into simultaneous RGB and HSB signals. It has full proc-amp and geometric morph/positioning controls, as well as option for an expander panel with CV over all the above, too.

I would definitely love to collaborate in any way you like! Will be keeping up with it. With the reprogrammable frame buffer or propeller modules I was planning, I was really excited about having two LFOs play each other at pong. smile But this is taking that idea much further!! The more integrated it can be on the video level the better, IMO. An "image analyzer" type module for your subset would be rad for keying/collision detection based on an IR camera, etc.
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