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CD labeling
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Author CD labeling
Looking for suggestions/preferences for CD labeling.

I'm thinking about buying a LightScribe drive which looks pretty cool, probly the most preferred solution.

Anyone use one?

What about those silly little CD label stamper kits that you slap a label onto the disc with?
They seem to bubble up, but it may be a possibility.

Any other options you like to use besides a MAJ1K Marker?(that just wont do)
the cd stomper/labels can make very good looking labels, almost as good looking as the usual silkscreen labels. you can also buy cds and print directly on them now.
Hmmm... I've never had problems with labels bubbling up, but I've used "higher-end" stampers in the past. I agree with consumed-- if done right, you can get some cool looking labels from them.

The lightscribe stuff that I've seen in the past is a bit faint-looking and lacking in some of the impact that you can get from stamping.

How about a CD printer (either inkjet or thermal)-- just google it. I've never tried one myself, but I've got a photographer friend who swears by his epson rig. They look great, too. Very professional.
Thanks guys grin
I think I'm going to do the lightscribe thing, I'm going to ask around and see If i can find someone who has one and then do a few on theirs and see how it turns out...
Or I may just be buying one this weekend.
Labels have problems in slot-loading CD drives, like cars and laptops. I'd go with the printable discs.
never finished a song / moment ... :( :( cry
but im relativly sure its possible if i could just get everyone in the same room hi/straight(as required) focused yet free laid/not laid .. happy relaxed sad and mortally suicidal rich but poor enuff to need it in love but not with any annoying boy/girlfriends or other pressing commitments

beefheart had it sorted

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