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Nov 2011 Hardware Video Synthesis Challenge!
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Author Nov 2011 Hardware Video Synthesis Challenge!
I'd like to hold a small contest for LZX Visionary users (and any other qualifying hardware-based video artists) for the month of November. I think there are enough of us here now for something like this! If we have fun, we can do it regularly.

How It Will Work: You will upload your clip to YouTube or Vimeo and post it in this thread. One submission per person (registered forum member.) Deadline for all submissions is Nov 24th. At that point, everyone who submitted will make 1 vote for the winner, PM'ed or e-mailed privately to me (you vote for someone other than yourself). Whoever gets the most votes by Dec 1st, wins. In the case of a tie, we'll have a bonus round or something. Voting should be done taking into consideration the thematic criteria below.

The Prize: LZX Bitvision video synthesizer kit ($125 value) or, if you don't mind a possible wait, Sandin IP Function Generator module kit or Sandin IP Differentiator module kit ($99 value)

General Rules: Video recordings must be live (no editing or reprocessing). No software manipulation during or after recording. No pre-recorded content sources (live cameras only.) If you don't have a video synthesizer, pure feedback pieces are accepted as long as they fit the theme. Soundtrack can be nonsynchronous or whatever desired, but won't factor into the judging criteria. Submissions can be any length up to 10 minutes. Provide full list of equipment used when making submission.

Nov 2011 Challenge Theme: Monochrome minimalism. Using a single color palette (black and white OK), create an evolving pattern or shape which all on its own entertains the eye for the duration of the piece. Bonus points for symmetry, synergy between the piece's title and its content, and using flat shapes.

Submissions are open as of now! I feel like this theme puts artists who may only have smaller or hybrid systems on a more level playing field than those of us who have larger systems, so don't be shy about submitting. And any commenting/discussion/questions on this idea or the theme or the rules is welcomed (please), whether or not you plan to submit something.

UPDATE 11/28/2011
All entries are now in and voting will now begin. Anyone who submitted a video gets one vote for best video. Judgment criteria should take into account the original theme of "monochrome minimalism" for this month's challenge. Please review all entries in full before voting, to give everyone a fair shot. PM me here on the forum or e-mail me at with your vote.
Here is a master list of all submissions:
ZavedByZerp by LEVLHED
Counting to 12 by chimborazo
Brizbomb 111108T2334 by BRIZ
more wobbulator tests by i.m.klif
untitled by johnnywoods
untitled by barto
Test of Audio Modules Feeding Video by snufkin
Video Lathe by MrDys
Brain Encode by fletch
Camo Gene by orangebud

Brizbomb 111108T2334 by BRIZ
As an example of how this theme can be interpreted here's video reposted from MrDys:

MrDys, it's perfectly fine to submit this for the contest if you want it to be your submission. That means if no one else submits you win by default!
great idea lars! i love the idea of community challenges to get the juices flowing and to help learn new techniques. the 3d modeling forums i lurk always have themed challenges, why not us? just the other day, i found myself staring at friends curtains at their house and thought i could replicate the geometric pattern on my LZX. stuff like that might be good for future challenges. and a prize this time? oh sure!
Awesome! Yeah I've seen challenges like this to hone the chops of folks on other visual art related forums, so I thought it'd be fun.

Curtains! That's a great idea. Maybe a challenge where we have a photo of curtains or some other object, and the challenge is to synthesize something evocative or representational of the initial object?
This is a really fun idea. I'm recording everything to vhs right now, just picked up another 5 vcrs yesterday from the local pawn and bought a stack of vhs tapes over the internet. I'm saving up for a video card (green valley), but probably won't have it for a few months. I'll definitely be a participater in this contest in the future, I can't wait to see what everybody comes up with. I check in here daily to watch the new videos, it's just so cool and fun.
If you want to mail me a VHS tape as a submission, I'll be happy to capture it and post it up to YouTube. Just e-mail me for a mailing address.
Seems like this would fit the theme?
Though it is something I did awhile ago. And perhaps technically it won't count due to using "prerecorded material" in the form of a DVD that I authored that is simply frame by frame alternating black and white strobing.
Analog video sync destruction via my Rebelle hardware device. Audio is kick drum from a Jomox 999 run into a Metasonix TM-1SE.
It's OK if this can't be counted as a submission for whatever reason....


technically I think im within the rules.

I used a Canon G10 to capture a sequence pattern generated from the screen of the TE OP-1 Mr. Green
technically it won't count due to using "prerecorded material" in the form of a DVD that I authored that is simply frame by frame alternating black and white strobing

I think in this context it's fine, since you are using the DVD simply in the context of an oscillator source. Thanks for the submission!

chimborazo -- cool! can you edit your post with a list of gear used?
chimbarozo, thanks for the gear notes! yeah that is cool. the intent here isn't to be exclusive, just to differentiate the exploration of more hands-on/hardware techniques. and your piece is definitely creative.

welcome to the forum!!
Competition is slim.
We have almost a month until we stop taking submissions, I'm sure we'll see many more.
See the two black cases in the far corner, buried under boxes...
They're labelled "video stuff".

I can only hope I can quickly make some space after the move to unpack it all lest I get withdrawals cry

tried to expand on the minimalism theme and only use 5 LZX modules for the video AND audio. all sounds are sourced straight from two feeds from one VWG.

total modules used for all video & audio - LXZ: VWGx2, VR, TVP, and CVE.

thanks for the challenge.
hope there are more!
Thanks for the submission Briz! Great patch!!

input is some very simple mesh - static horizontal/vertical thin lines

going into computer controlled wobbulator

that is it... i wish i recorded longer clip

What time should it be in by on thursday? 11:59:59? I will have something..
Let's say submissions have to be in by the end of this upcoming weekend (so by end of day on the 27th.)
threw together a quick submission this evening.
I used LZX + audio Euro modules and an Edirol V4.

Nice Johnny. Reminds me of The yip yips from seseme street.
wow some awesome entries!

my vid gear is stowed away at the moment, will try to dig it out and get something done on the weekend
Some very nice images guys. Great work!!
Barto gave me vertigo - that was excellent we're not worthy
Great work guys mines incoming it is just uploading now (its still processing on vimeo)

its basically my little audio eurorack mostly MFB OSC2, QMMG and a MATHS pushed though an electrocraft composite video encoder rack and a small circuit that turns sound in to a composite video signal (but you almost can't see this element

this little comp gave me the push to do an experiment I don't think it made stellar video or audio but I learnt some new techniques

also my capture device heavily pixilates things I need to sort this but for now it's part of my aesthetic hihi
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