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Unique filters
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Author Unique filters
I currently have in my system a Harvestman Polivoks (love it!) and a Livewire Frequensteiner (starting to think it is not my thing). I also have a 4x Plague Bearer, but I use/think of that as a distortion box full of awesome than a "filter"

I think I may sell the Frequensteiner, but am not sure what I would replace it with. I am looking for suggestions of unique multi-mode filters that can function as a "go to" filter, and have the potential to get very squelchy and interesting when hit with CV.

I am curious as to how the Doepfer a-124 vcf5 / "wasp" filter sounds if anyone has one. I think the filter in my AudioWeevil08 is a "wasp" based filter, and I love the sound of it... not sure if the Doepfer module would sound the same or not.

Audio demo's would be much appreciated!
I'd suggest the soon to be released Wiard Borg! Also enjoy my RS-360 Vocal/Phrase Filter by Analogue Systems.
Leisure Cove
I stand by the Resonator, from Frostwave. It's out-of-production at the moment, but shows up on the used market fairly regularly.

Depending on the dial settings, it can act as either a low, band or high pass filter, and with the resonance set to nil, it's pretty tame. Turn up the resonance even a little bit and it starts to sound angry.

Also, independent voltage control over both the high and low pass frequency AND resonance, a preamp that can distort its input and a handy dial for wet/dry mix!
Thanks for the suggestions so far guys... these are two filters I know next to nothing about.

I just finished checking out the thread about the Borg... definitely has my interest! Looks to be pretty much exactly what I am looking for from what I gather... would like to hear some audio examples though. I've been waiting for that delay module from Malekko for a while now, and it seems I might be waiting for the Borg now too.

AS for the Resonator, I just watched a demo last night of someone making some acidy stuff with one. It sounded good for sure, but I think it was in pedal format and not a module... is that the only format for it?
VanEck wrote:
is that the only format for it?

Yes. It will be back in production soon as Paul Perry/Frostwave has announced on Analogue Heaven.
Bass Clef
Sorry no demo, but just to say I love the Wasp - the high pass especially is beautifully thin and buzzy. It doesn't self resonate but the resonance has a rather paticular randomness to it, especially when you crank up the input level.
The Borg and Resonator share some similar lineage - with the MS20 as (at least partial for the Borg) inspiration. I've had both, and while they don't sound exactly the same of course, they do actually share some similarities.

But the Borg can then flip into VCA mode for hot LPG action. The resonance can get really aggressive. Love it!

BTW, I just sold my Resonator. I'd never sell my Borg!
I just took a look at my 6 filters. One of them is the Polivoks. Another is a Blacet.

Out of the remaining 4, I'd recommend the QMMG or the ASol SY02. You've probably read about these on these forums already, so I won't go into them too much.

The ASol SY02 MS-20 Clone has the following cool features: Input level attenuator that allows you to overdrive the filter (sounds great!), Attenuators for both the separate HPF & LPF CV controls, individual 'Q' settings built-in VCA w/offset control & overall volume.
All of the above allow the SY02 to act as a multi-mode filter plus VCA.

QMMG: CV controlled Resonance, Mixer and/or HP/LP/BP filtering with VCA+VCA/LP control.
I happen to have a ASol SY02 MS-20 Clone, if you fancy a part-ex on your livewire smile

Thanks for the suggestions thus far everyone.

I have actually had my eye on the QMMG lately as a resolution to my mixer needs and as a replacement for my M9.

I totally overlooked the fact that it could possibly fulfill my filtering needs as well until Kent pointed that out... so that pretty much sealed the deal.

I have put my Frequensteiner and my M9 up for sale/trade, and just ordered a QMMG from AH.

If the QMMG still doesn't fulfill all my filtering needs along with the Poli, then I think I will get the Wiard Borg from Malekko when they come out next month, granted I have the rack space... looks top notch and I might buy one even if I don't necessarily *need* it w00t
It sounds like you're sorted, but if you ever find yourself adding Frac modules to your studio, then consider Blacet's []Final[/url] and Filthy modules. The former made everything sound so much sweeter, and the latter's gnarly character was a great complement. They were built well, too.
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