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Where to go next?
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Author Where to go next?
Hi, I started a Frac system a few years back as my first entry into the world of modulars. I now have a Wiard 300 series and I'm spending most of my time with that.

However, I don't want my Frac to fall into disuse, be the poor relative etc..and I want to keep it. So I'm thinking what is out there that I can add to the frac that will keep it in use and have different features/character from the Wiard 300 series.

Now it's also important to say I produce largely Berlin school/ "cosmic" type electronica (roughly), ambient/new age..and a little experimental stuff. I'm not so much into noise/chaos/bug music.

What I already have;

2 x VCO
micro LFO
2 xEG
Improbability Drive
Quad VCA
Dual linear VCA
3 x multi/attenuators

Wiard (apart from the 300 series)
Noise ring
Boogie Filter
Borg2 filter

Wave Multiplier
2 x 3P mixers

So I'm looking for new things. I'm probably not interested in the Hex Zone because I don't fancy menu driving and besided I have Cubase, a Kenton Pro, plus a Sequantizer and a Roland CSQ100.

I've been a little disappointed with the Klangwerks. I don't know why but I've not really got the classic RM sounds I it just me? (I am looking at the Oakley ring mod)

I've found the micro LFO a bit odd on the sine wave, it doesn't sound quite right to me (even the picture in the manual shown as a sine wave doesn't look like one)..again is that just me? If it isn't maybe I should be looking for a different LFO.

Any other ideas/thought?
What does your Wiard 300 system include?
You do use the two together, right?

This is probably obvious coming from me, but...
You need a Binary Zone and a Window Comparator!!!
...and an STG Wavefolder!
I really can't give those 3 modules enough props.

...Metalbox has some excellent stuff, and the panels/build quality are top-notch.

Having a variety of LFOs would be great, but you would be hard pressed to find another gate resettable VC LFO in Frac.
You should consult the manual about calibrating the Sine wave.
If you really need an uber-clean sine you should just use a VC self-resonating filter like the Mankato.
Some of the envelopes (Blacet EG1, BugBrand Attack Decay) have good LFO functionality, but I'm pretty happy with the Micro LFO (I modded it with a panel-mount rate switch).
You can never have enough modulation sources.
hi, thanks..

the Wiard 300 series is a calssic VCO, waveform City, Sequantiser, Dual Envelator, Borg Filter, Mixolator and Wogglebug.

re the window comparator, I saw the video but I didn't really hear anything I liked, on the wavefolder I have the Wave Multiplier which I think is similar, from watching the STG vid anyway. I've hardly used the Wave Multiplier. Binary zone is a definate possibility.
bugbrand should have some 1/8" jack modules out later this year and I can't recommend them enough. regardless of my plan b woes, I can see most of my other modular stuff (plan b, doepfer, cynthia, modcan) going for sale

The Metalbox modules are great as well, the wave multiplier in particular - I've recently received some replacement modules of theirs in banana format (to go with the bugband & bananafied wiard 1200) so my 1/8" jack ones will be going for sale shortly. pm me if you're interested
My under dog frac favorite is the Blacet Scanner.
Dig what it does then read up about the BBC's "Crystal Palace" and if you don't get some ideas for the possibilities I give up.
The scanner was another thing I was looking at, currently it's bundled with the switch. Don't quite get the Crystal Palace reference but nevermind...did you mean the Alexandria Palace where they broadcast from?
indexofmetals is right. The BugBrand modules are a blessing to Frac.
I've been happy with my Klangwerk, but if you are looking for a ringmod to replace yours another option would be the BugBrand one.
It is half ringmod, and half low-pass gate in 1u!
The Oakley one looks nice too though.

I'm a bit of a waveshaper addict.
I've got a CGS WaveMultiplier (Bridechamber version), and an Ian Fritz in the build pile...
I like using the Metasonix Hellfire Modulator, and STG Wavefolder as VCAs.
Does the Bananalogue WVX function as a VCA?

The Window Comparator is something that you just have to experience, and experiment with to 'get it'.
It is kind of like a 'function block' sort of module.
I find it essential paired with the Binary Zone in sequencing patches.
problem so far is that the BugBrand startup concept seems to be to start by selling complete systems? I'd buy up a couple of the PTdelays right away if it were different wink
Regarding The Crystal Palace:

Essentially it was a motorized switching mixer that was used to control with of the multiple tape sources was output.

I use the Scanner to switch between modulation sources and stuff like that. You can have c/v control over which three things goes to the single output.

If you do a search on the equipment of the Radiophonic Workshop you will find a mention or two of The Crystal Palace.
Bi-N-Tic Filter (total whackjob sounds, unlike anything else)
Matrix Mixer (feedback loops!)
Tube VCA (mostly for the warm distortion sounds)

you also might consider a racks worth of euro... since you'd mentioned a vc delay, that would open up the Tiptop z5000... as well as the unique harvestman line
Definitely have to second the STG Wave Folder (which also functions as a unique VCA), Binary Zone, and Window Comparator (even though I don't have one yet - I get what it does and I definitely need one!)
Hi, um, no I didn't mention the VC will need to be all Frac, I have a part filled rack and am looking for a few items to take the Frac in a different direction to the Wiard.

As I said I'm probably not interested in a wave folder, I have the Bananalogue Wave Multiplier and don't use it much (I prefer the timbral modulation off the Waveform City which is again similar).

Having looked at the manuals I think the Scanner/Sequential Switch is possibly the most musically useful (to me) of the Blacet modules I don't already have.

But I'm still taking ideas..nothing fixed yet smile
wetterberg wrote:
problem so far is that the BugBrand startup concept seems to be to start by selling complete systems? I'd buy up a couple of the PTdelays right away if it were different ;)

I hear you!
I've actually had several minijack PTDelays sat ready for a few weeks now, but didn't put them on sale due to busyness and the fact that I'm still lamely lagging on manuals (not that they particularly need them, but I certainly feel the need for documentation on all parts of the larger system). Other modules will be gradually appearing but I can't yet say what & when -> many of the current designs shown on my web can certainly become minijack, its just that I'm still deep in the main full systems.
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