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Welcome to the Volta subforum!
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Author Welcome to the Volta subforum!
Muff Wiggler
So I was very excited when Stretta contacted me asking if I would consider adding a dedicated Volta forum.... obviously having the participation of the man behind this amazing software is a huge advantage for anyone interested, and it looks like this will be the main place to discuss and ask questions about Volta.

Really happy to do this sort of thing, it's exactly the kind of reason this website was created in the first place, to support the people who are making the products that allow us to have such an exciting scene and really make the modular world possible.

Thanks Stretta!
Thank you very much for hosting this forum, muff! we're not worthy
We sincerely appreciate this resource!
Hello Stretta..

Glad to have a point of contact..

I'm using volta with my modular - MS50, MS20 and an SH101..

had plenty of success thus far, the odd hic-up (mainly with the 101..) more than happy to help out - if you need any testing done?

volta 1.0.5
Live 9.02
motu 828Mk3 hybrid
mac os x 10.7.5
2.5 Ghz Intel Core i7
8GB Ram

I can't believe I've had Volta as long as I have and not looked it up here. very frustrating
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