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Luigi's New Projekt
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Author Luigi's New Projekt
So..... I'm not starting this untill I finish up Chris's rack mounted 505 (which is about to get a big update) HOWEVER! The Ironicalness of everyone's crazy panel ideas for diy and such as of late... It's completed my plans for my suitcase box of evil shit. I've got this old suitcase from the 70's that I just ordered a metal panel to fit exactly inside of. Nothing "modular"... just one big panel and then tons of diy boards/circuit bent toys with attns. 100% banana jack and a REALLY nice old 50's era VU meter. Trying to incorporate how to have onboard lighting as well.

I'll upload the illustrator file here soon to showya what I'm getting at. smile
Oh man, I'm looking forward to seeing this!
heyman, do you know about Lunettas? Seems the concept would really suit this kind of project, super simple / dirty / cheap CMOS based designs that usually use a single, sometimes two, ICs in wierd & wonderfull ways.

I have been geeking out on the breadboard with a bag of 40106s, 4007s, 4069s, 4093s etc. etc.

Check out;

(the oscillators thread is killer, on the 2nd page I think)

for ideas & schemos etc. Mostly you just need the chips & a handfull of passive bits & pieces.

Lunettas rule - and you can do so much sequencing shit with them.
Wow, neat stuff, thanks for the link!

I've got a bunch of CMOS chips around that I bought for making some stuff from the Collins hardware hacking book and never got around to. I'll try and give some of these designs a shot too.
tragedybysyntax wrote:
I'll upload the illustrator file here soon to showya what I'm getting at. smile

sad banana
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