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Fun with breadboards - cheap thrills!
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Author Fun with breadboards - cheap thrills!
I just snagged an old Heathkit "Electronic Design Experimenter" off Ebay for around US $23, when all was said and done.

Didn't think I'd be excited about a breadboard - but this thing's neat! 8_) Its a little self-contained power supply (variable up to +/-15V), function generator (w/sine and square), and breadboard. There are also a couple of pots built in that you can leverage in your circuits.

I got to thinking that it might be slick to have a portable, self contained test environment that I can use to mock up a few of the "utility" modules that I'm planning to build. To facilitate connectivity to the 5U modular, I tore into the Heathkit and wired in four 1/4" jacks. These connect to the pads on the outer edge of the breadboard - making it easy to test designs out with the rest of the system. I also replaced the 1K pot with a 1M pot - which is more relevant to my projects at hand.

Here are some shots I took during the mods:

Extreme action shot! Limiting slew like a mofo: screaming goo yo

Naughty backside pose: oops

The only downside is that the breadboard real estate is kinda small, but it'll work out just fine for small projects.
good job. well done! nice idea.

i fear a good project on this special breadboard will easily tend to become a kind of eternal makeshift, if you know what i mean.
very nice pickup! We have something similar at school that we use here and there, but they were so expensive when I looked into getting one.

I've always dreamed of having a IDL-600 besides the MPC SlayerBadger!

Roycie Roller
These things are awesome! I've seen a couple on ebay- one was designed specifically for CMOS chips, it had a chip socket in the middle, and all the running gear as well (pots, jacks, meters, etc).
These are awesome! Very nice score chromium, love the mods as well.

The CMOS one would be ideal Roycie! Do you rememeber the name?

I am planning a change of set-up in my tiny little space so that I can have the workbench next to the modular set-up, breadboarding CMOS vcos I've realized how usefull being able to use a cct in a real-life situation as you develop it.

At the moment I have a carboard "model" module which my breadboard sits on / in, just use headers to all the panel connectors, works ok but its ghetto as fuck, loads of gaffa tape SlayerBadger!
I purchased an Elenco XK-550 Digital Trainer used on ebay some time ago. This thing has been absolutely crucial for some of my breadboarding. Has power supply that is variable to -/+ 20, function generator, etc. More info at:
cotk module with a nice box behind 8_)
Roycie Roller
DGTom wrote:

The CMOS one would be ideal Roycie! Do you rememeber the name?

Hey Tom, i think my memory of it was a bit skewed- but i'm pretty sure it was similar to this one (it doesn't have a chip socket or knobs). There's a couple of models on this page as well. I can't remember what make the one i saw was.

I also looked around and found this place which sell instructional video lectures on many aspects of circuit making- it looks pretty interesting.

That Digital heathkit3200 is AWESOME!!! Logic switches, +5V rail, logic indicators & a 3 speed clock screaming goo yo

Here's a better pic of the Elenco panel. I love this thing!
That IDL-600 looks slick! So does that XK-550. Does that come in 5U? w00t

I'm thinking about pulling the AC connectors off the surface of this Heathkit (since I won't be using them much) and mounting a second breadboard right smack in the center. That way I can have a couple small projects going on at once... I'm already finding (to Fonik's point) that stuff will probably live comfortably on here a while, till I get around to building it.

This and that CMOS "trainer" show up regularly on Ebay for cheap. If it helps anyone, here's the search I was using.

2012 wrote:
cotk module with a nice box behind 8_)

Yep. It needs shelter (patiently awaiting cabinets).

Kinda cool that its sorta self-contained. That enticed me into jumping-the-gun a bit hyper

This thread just makes me wanna buy stuff on ebay... Argh! d'oh!
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