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I just joined team video
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Author I just joined team video
I guys, I just took delivery of some LZX video modules last week. I don't have any waveform generators yet, but I recruited my WMD and Z3000 oscillators to play for the time being. What a great system Lars!

I whipped up this little video to (a) play with the LZX and (b) see if I could get the Monotribe to run some modular gear...

So far I haven't been successful in getting a video camera to patch in (I get some dark/light feedbacky type stuff but no image). Does the EXT SYNC light need to be solid for it to track video? Maybe somebody can describe a simple patch to get a camera image to show? Could be the Tyco VideoCam I am using. confused
Hi brent! Congrats on your new system, glad you're having fun!! (We're shipping out waveform generators very soon.)

Re: External camera. Yes, the light on the VSG should be solid. Then you patch the Y output into the color encoder. If you're not seeing what you expect to see, then it could be the camera (a DVD player is always a good "baseline" to make sure everything is functioning correctly, because those should work without issue and are usually handy.)
i like the vid!

Like what your doing. Welcome to team video! We need matching satin jackets.

Breaching the feedback barrier, Captain.
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