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frequensteiner / malgorithm power cable keyed wrong ....
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Author frequensteiner / malgorithm power cable keyed wrong ....
i just tried to install a new livewire frequensteiner module which had the cable on the wrong way around so that the tab on the power header connected into my A sys RS15 case the wrong way around.

when i tried to plug in the output from the oscillator into the input, the power went briefly and i powered down everything.

it appears there is no damage to the case or any module previously installed which is cool.

i wonder if i might have damaged the module ?

if i flip the cable i can re connect it (the red stripe will not be -12 anymore) and i wonder if this will be ok or is there a risk of damage ?

the funny thing is that i got a malgorithm in the same shipment that also appears to have its cable keyed wrong so when i saw both the same way i assumed i was ok....

i can't easily flip the cable on the malgorithm as it is mounted underneath a second board.

it gave me a bit of a fright to be honest so i hope everything is ok smile
Always make sure the -12/red stripe lines up to -12 on your bus board - the "key" can easily be put on backwards so don't rely on it. I always read the PCB and verify before pluggging in. the Doepfer bus board has no key, but of course several other bus boards do.

Some people dremel or cut off the little plastic key because of this. It is also easy to make your own power cables with the right parts and a vise.

obligatory disclaimer;
-I am not responsible if you damage your modules based on my post-
Strange, anytime I plug anything the wrong way in one of my Asys cases the fuse on it blows. If the fuse didn't blow, that's what can cause major damage to modules. Lucky you escaped safely. Rule on ASys cases is that if the Red Stripe is down in a Doepfer case, then it's up in an Asys case, key or no key.

I once got a bad buffered mult I plugged in right but when I ran CV to it then to an env, all the modules on that rail blew without tripping the fuse. One of them was the $695 Asys RS-300 CV to Midi. sad I keep 20 fuses around when moving modules around in my ASys cases.

If you didn't blow a fuse, your probably ok. I started with that case, and I'm embarrassed to say we blew about 25 fuses. It was a #%$^ Z module. angry
the "key" can easily be put on backwards so don't rely on it

thats good to know.

i cut off the tab and installed it the right way around and it seems to work fine now. phew !

they should probably not use cables with tabs on if they're not going to make sure they're the right way around ! theres enought new people like me around who can blow up their rig.

the good news is that it not only works but sounds great.

a valuable lesson inexpensively learned. thank you !
May not be the case here, but it would be a good idea to see if you can reverse the cable on the module side by flipping things to get the the tab and or red stripe to be in the right spot. This isn't always possible but I've been able to do just that a couple times. It may let you avoid sanding a tab down.
Importantly though you must determine where your -12v is. That's the most important advise. The keying can be wrong. The red stripe is there to help you but isn't "smart" or anything. It's just a red stripe that does help you make sure you haven't put a twist in the ribbon by accident. If it's "wrong" on the module end it's not going to make things right.

The 3 pairs of pins for the ground in the subsequent rows after the bottom -12 pair are helpful since you won't see that kind of configuration (6 pins usually connected) if you have things upside down. The red stripe is supposed to be -12v
i would like to make my own cables, the analogue systems cases (and i imagine other sub racks) are deeper than the typical cable length of most of my non analogue systems modules.
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