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Organ Filter
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Author Organ Filter
This filter is the formant filter from the vermona organ ET3-2 MR.
4 mixable sounds: flute (strong lowpass), bass clarinet (weak lowpass), clarinet (mid presence & treble cutoff), strings (highpass).
The humbucker coil pasting the origin and not available coil of the origin device.
made a spectralic datasheet - hope you can see the font (OCR-B)
Dr. Sketch-n-Etch
Cool! Nice work, trouby. So, what waveform would you feed into it to get the sounds close to the instruments listed. I'm guessing square, since that's probably what the organ generates, no? Do they sound like what they say?
yes, the organ input wave is square. its the filter of the lower manual and only 8' octave.
"The humbucker coil pasting the origin and not available coil of the origin device. " seriously, i just don't get it seriously, i just don't get it seriously, i just don't get it

you got me??? hmmm.....
Just me
Trouby is not a native Engwlizh speaker.I take it to mean he cannot source the original coil in the organ circuit and used a humbucking pickup as a substitute. Clever!
ah!! yes.

thanx. thumbs up
you got it wink

i did it similar for the forthcoming ionika filter - clone of the 50s GDR tube organ...
Love the organ filter. demos sound wonderful. so if I have all 5u MOTM modules with the 4-pin connectors, do I need a different power supply for the Trouby? Is it a 5-pin connection. hmmm.....
This sounds GREAT with my crumar performer and a few other polys that I've tried with it!
great thats sounds good on the crumar wink

the connector is curetronic or a short doepfer - bottom -12V, 3x mid ground, top +12V - or +-15V for sure.

i can do a 3-pin motm connector - or its modcan? ^^
would need the 4-pin MOTM. That would be great if thats possible. I will PM you to discuss further. Thanks
I bought the STicker version of this some days ago. It's still says 'Vermona', btw.
I run my Microkorg through it, makes the sound a little better. A good module for this kind of purpose.
what is the hp size and power needs for the eurorack organ filter?
its 8 ue wide & comes w/ doepfer cable.

module disabled cos problems with the humbucker coil.
just replaced the coil by a gyrator. means, filter will be available soon a bit cheaper - 99 euros smile
panel in 6 ue like similar to the 8 ue ones - writings left.
both modules - moog & eurorack - working fine. maybe a tiles (4) version...
What's the depth of this version of the module, and how much current does it draw?
Is this module still available ? if so where do i purchase it from? there is no email link on there site
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