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new v-synth work
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Author new v-synth work

I'm a new user here. It seems I finally found the right forum smile

I just finished a first install of my new work. This seems like a right place to show it.

I made a series of modified tv's (classic wobbulators with some additional controls/tricks), hooked them up for computer control, added pan/tilt cameras, a switcher, projectors, arduino..... questions are welcome.

Here are some video links

Beautiful work, klif!! Welcome to the forum! applause
I'd love to see photos of the modified TVs themselves personally, as well as any details on the additional tricks. I'd like to build a wobbulator type device myself some day.
i just uploaded some photos to flickr. you wont see much on them except for a general setup.

the tv's were modified by my old friend, whose nickname is tesla, and with a good reason. as far as i can understand the main thing is matching the lengh+width of wire for coils, the right number of turns, the strenght of the audio amps. then it starts working together well. he added brightness+contrast controls, v-size control

it is not so complicated to build but it needs a lot of fine tuning. i could have not made it myself.

you probably know this, but avoid bigger tv's by all means. it starts getting dangerous very quickly...
That setup looks really awesome! I love the pan/tilt cameras. Are they being mixed or just going to separate projectors directly?
separate projectors directly smile

no mixing except with light

check out this one. this is only pantilt cameras (i made those myself) + unmodified TVs + direct conection to projectors / no processing whatsoever

Fantastic! Loved the tornado early on and the waterfall that appears later. Well done and subtle, which I find draws me in.
Welcome to the forum. It's great to have video people from all over the world hang out in the same place.

And as one of the builders of the original wobbulators, almost 40 years ago at the Experimental Television Center, I am very glad to see people building and exploring new ones.

wow, i didn't know that you were involved as well. nice smile

there are not many forums like this one - actually it might be the only one. so, sure, it makes sense to hang out here. i love internet. information was much much harder to get before it happened... pffff i remember those times...


i'm glad you like it, thanx
Fuck this is great stuff.......damn I want a video thingy too smile

LZX any ETA on the Bitvision???? I want one.
December. We're almost done with this module production run -- and the modules have been prioritized since there are people with existing systems waiting for them to be available.
creatorlars wrote:
December. We're almost done with this module production run -- and the modules have been prioritized since there are people with existing systems waiting for them to be available.

Yeah! I need a vwg! Dead Banana
This stuff is terrific. A modern twist on a classic. I love it.
This is why I love this forum (not just this section)
Inspiring applause
thanks, i'm really glad you like it.

for anyone interested, here's the connection diagram:

p.s. this is not clear from the diagram - each wobbulator and projector has separate output from matrix swither (actually not each since i have 9 devices and 8 outputs - 2 projectors share the same output)
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