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New LZX user/abuser
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Author New LZX user/abuser
A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to get my first order of LZX modules. Its been a super fun trial by fire as I have taken a system on tour with me. I mix FOH and play modular synth with an electronic band called Junior Boys. I had less than a week to try and get familiar with the system before our first show. And even with no real skills yet I am super happy with the results I am getting. Lars has been unbelievably helpful getting me up and running! I really cant say enough good things about the modules and the customer service!!! I will post some pics and vids when I get a chance.

If anyone in the following cities are interested in coming to the show to see a check out these modules in action and listen to a bit of modular noise on a huge PA; PM me I get a few free tickets every night and would love to meet some wigglers in person!!!!

Nov 23 Orangerie Brussels, Belgium
Nov 24 Trouw Amsterdam, Netherlands
Nov 25 Showcase Paris, France
Nov 27 Conne Island Leipzig, Germany
Nov 29 Magnolia Milan, Italy
Nov 30 Locomotiv Bologna, Italy
Dec 01 lanificio 159 Rome, Italy
Dec 02 Mexe Festival Lisbon, Portugal
Dec 03 Stodola Warsaw, Poland
Dec 04 SQ Poznan, Poland
Dec 06 Berghain Berlin, Germany
Dec 07 Schocken Stuttgart, Germany
Dec 08 La Laiterie Strasbourg, France
Dec 10 Twisted Pepper City Centre, Ireland
Dec 11 Butlins Holiday Resort Minehead, United Kingdom
Dec 12 Concrete London, United Kingdom
Dec 14 IKSV Istanbul, Turkey
Dec 15 Hafen 2 Offenbach Am Main, Germany
Dec 16 SUD Basel, Switzerland
Dec 17 Le Romandie Lausanne, Switzerland
Dec 20 Razz 2 Barcelona, Spain
Dec 21 Penélope Madrid, Spain
Junior Boys, Portishead, Neon Indian...I'm noticing a nice trend here.
That's awesome! Welcome to team video! That's a serious trial by fire, but the lzx just oozes awesome.
Welcome!! I love that bands are finding out about this stuff and getting it out on tour. SO MUCH FUN.

Come thru Chicago, and we'll definitely have to hook up!
Sick I might try and catch the london show
Cool, Let me know if you decide to go and I will put you down + 1 for the London show.
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