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Quad VCA/Mixer pots not working
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Author Quad VCA/Mixer pots not working
Hey guys

My pots number 3 is not working, I'm not in DIY at all and don't want to open it by myself because I don't have the knowledge or the equipment.
I'm wondering if someone is living in Barcelona or Spain and could help me to figure out what is going on with my module cry

I was using it for 2-3 months without any problems and it just started to not working recently.

I'm open for all your advices and hope to fix this issue w00t
Befaco is in Barcelona, I think they used to have open doors on Thursdays on their workspace at some point...?

I have heard about them but never attended to their workshops and unfortunately I don't speak that much spanish as well.
I would like to find someone living around and pay him if needed to check and fix it help
The Befaco guys did a workshop here in Finland a year or two ago, they speak better English than I do and are super friendly people. I think Andreas from also lives in BCN, but that's about the modular synth builder / DIY people I can name from there myself.

If you can't find anyone here at the forums to help, go ahead and mail the Befaco guys at befacosynth at gmail dot com and ask them whether they could offer paid help during one of their open door sessions, OR if they know anyone else who's willing to help. They probably know a lot of people from the local synth DIY scene and the place where they have their HQ (Hangar) might also house someone else who could do it...
I have sent them an email last night and discovered that I was living 5mn walking from the Hangar which is their headquarter I guess.
I will wait for their answer but will still keep my eyes on the forum.
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