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razmasynth viii 8-mode cv/gate sequencer
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Author razmasynth viii 8-mode cv/gate sequencer


hey, we don't seem to have a thread yet for this sequencer:

Available as a kit, batch#1 1 May 2014:
Parts & Eurorack panel shipped to worldwide: 89€


-VIII is an 8 steps CV and Trig sequencer, with 8 sequencing modes:
-Forward, Backward, Forward/Backward, Pendulum, Crab, Crawl, Random, Brownian
-Clock Jack IN
-Reset Jack IN
-CV Jack OUT
-Trig Jack OUT
-10P Eurorack bus connector
-49ma power draw (+/-12V)
-Reverse polarity protection
-Depth: 12hp
-Skiff Friendly
(source: razmasynth)

build guide


looks promising.
so i just ordered a kit.


Looks nice, being able to tie them together to get to 16 steps would really make them killer (and is probably not THAT hard to do).

Looks like he's here on Muffs as well.


Jarno wrote:
being able to tie them together to get to 16 steps would really make them killer (and is probably not THAT hard to do).

not sure if this can or will be added as an additional functionality to this module. but if not, you can always use a vc switch to alternate between two of them...


Yeah, might not be all that easy.
Thinking a bit further, you'd need to get a clock to the other sequencer, bus the CV and gate outs, etc. Maybe better to have a dedicated module for this, either with a Cv switch or flip-flop switch between sequencers, an OR gate for the gates and a mixer for the CV's.


i've received my kit today.
soldered it this afternoon.
i am currently trying it now and it's great applause love
thanks again to Benoît ! we're not worthy


Looks great!
I'm not sure if I get it right: 89€ is for a full kit with pcb, panel and parts, right?


horstronic wrote:
89€ is for a full kit with pcb, panel and parts, right?

that's right.
earlier, there were also pcb + panel + chip options, but they appear to be out of stock now.


thumbs up


Got mine today. Built it already. Good kit with decent instructions smile

Unfortunately I can't try it yet, as im a modular n00b and im waiting on many other things needed to make it tick.


First test of Razmasynth VIII sequencer. The filter used is my forthcoming System X State 700 in highpass mode (clone of the Roland System 700 multimode) to maintain the bass I routed triangle direct to the VCA.

The VIII is pretty amazing, this is just an 8 step sequence, but by stepping through the different playback modes there are loads of variations....

[soundcloud url="" params="auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]

EDIT: Is Soundcloud not embedding here anymore?


On the list for the next batch.
Can't wait to get my hands on this. smile


yeah, it's a neat little sequencer, even though the software is still a little rough around the edges:

- there seems to be some kind of timing issue with the reset input. you can't reset the sequencer with its own trigger channel - it simply ignores its own triggers when patched into the reset input. so you can't currently use its own trigger channel to set the sequence length.

- if you happen to be pressing the mode button while a trigger is playing, the trigger output stays high as long as the mode button is being pressed. i.e. the mode button is turned into a kind of gate button. not much of a problem, but might turn out to be annoying in some live situations.

- in random mode, the sequencer doesn't just play back the steps you programmed in a random order, but also randomly inserts additional steps with cv=0 and no trigger - even if all your programmed steps do have a trigger set and a higher cv than 0.

i've talked about this to benoit and frank (of d:machinery, the guy who did the software for this sequencer), and they sounded like they were working on a software update for the next batch to fix those bugs.

but even as it is, it already is really cool. some of those 8 modes are really original...


Version 07 of the software is now out for testing.

I fixed

a) The Reset - Bug (albeit it takes about a MS to reset - thats as fast as the PicAxe can calculate the next step, set the Output, detect for Trigger, Reset the Step to 1 and set the Ouput again), so you might see the LED Blink.

b) The Trigger dosnt go low while you hold the MODE Button Bug - the Trigger length is slightly different. But after all its a trigger on Rising Edge, not a Gate, right?

c) Monitored for randomly inserted CV0/noTrigger Steps - i monitore over 25k Events in both Random Modes and could not track this issue down. Albeit i implemented some security checks to make sure a valid step is always hit. Monitored another 25k events thereafter and found no faults.

The new Software 07 can be downloaded sometime near after evaluation form razmasynths website and I'm pretty sure Benout will arrange for a ChipSwap or a new PicAxe on request.


the new software will be available for download with the batch #2 released (until 8 days, I'm only waiting some parts for full kits)

And for DIYers who do not have a Picaxe programmer, they can send me their chip. It will be updated and returned within 3 days for free (use the confirmation email that I sent you to tell me of your shipment and do not forget to put your name and address on the envelope containing the chip, otherwise I can't know who sent it to me).


Batch #2 is online screaming goo yo

Now Spare Parts kits are available too. That include 1 PCB, 1 Acryl Panel, 1 Programmed uC and a Sheet with Rare parts (8X Push Button Latch, 1 x Momentary SW and 9 Buttons Caps, from Switchcraft TL2285 series).



Can't wait to build this.
Rick at Frequency Central says it's great so that's good enough for me!


It arrived yesterday! Thank you Benoit!
Built it in less than two hours.
It's excellent!

Video coming later tonight. thumbs up [/video]


We are already tonight!!!! Where the video? Mr. Green
Thanks for the photos Scorbie, that make me really happy to see another living baby!!!


VIdeo link isn't working. I'll need to get the video on youtube.
On holiday this week so plenty of time! smile

Still loving it!



So, I finally got to try it after having built it 4 months ago. Superb! Very cool little sequencer thumbs up
I will need to get me that updated firmware chip though..


Simply send me back your Picaxe, I will return you under 1 week wink


Hi there,

These modes are pretty straightfoward

Forward, Backward, Forward/Backward, Random

but can anybody give a definition in plain English for how the following 'directions' work? For example, on the Razmasynth/VIII you have these additions to the usual..

1. Pendulum,
2. Crab,
3. Crawl,
4. Brownian

Many thanks.


you can see a mode's description at 1'30 on the folowing video smile

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