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Need a word on CV
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Author Need a word on CV


Hi, I am working on setting up an Arduino with CV outputs. Do most Euro modules work on Doepfer standards?

-2.5V to 2.5V (LFO)
0V to 8V (ADSR)
0V to 5V (Gate)

Thanks...for your...input... Mr. Green


It depends from module to module, some LFOs go from 0-10, others have different ranges. Same goes for envelopes and gates (gates are almost always at least 5V).

When you make your module, just make sure it's "enough", i.e. past 5V if it's a trigger, and enough "resolution" to be usable for envelopes and LFOs. The values you've posted above would work fine, but 10V envelopes and 0-5V LFOs come in handy too. I prefer having a large range that I then can attenuate and offset for precision.


i prefer to have my LFOs and VCOs output +/-5V and triggers/gates at least +5V. also think about the outside world: you might want to control external instruments that require higher voltages than your modules. as mdahlstrand says, it's easier to attenuate than amplify a signal and i would consider any module that cannot handle a +10V gate at its inputs a flawed design.


Great, thanks. I was leaning towards a single wide range and putting limits on the soft control, as you mention. We'll see how it works out!

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