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MOTM-120 in a frac?
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Author MOTM-120 in a frac?
I recently decided that 5U was not the way I wanted to go, and since I only own 2 modules getting out of it would be an easy enough feat. I kind of want to keep the modules I have though. One is an MOTM-120 the other is a quad lfo.

So my question is: Does anyone out there have any experience trying to stuff a motm-120 (and quad lfo) behind a frac face plate? Is it possible? Is it ugly? Should I just sell em and be done with it?

as long as one side of the pcb will slide inbetween the mounting rails it is entirely do-able. but you might be better off selling the 5u modules and building new ones since you've got board-mounted expensive pots in there that will be ruined when you desolder them, and you'll end up with a panel you dont need.

for mounting, you can bracket the pcbs up or screw them to the panel with a couple l-brackets metalbox style.
i have built a motm 120 in frac. its currently behind a temp panel. will also be building a few other motms in frac!

the pcb does not slide vertically between the blacet rack rails! it is too large. I did not check this until the module was finished haha

I have been using my own DIY way of securing the pcb to the panel. it's essentially a 1 pot bracket. you can see a pic of the bracket here

As it's only secured by 1 pot I was actually able to rotate the bracket enough so the pcb fits between the rack on an angle! and to top it off I added the tellun expansion pcb.

it's totally doable! but it's not easy!

**edit >> PHOTOS!

this is the most stuffed 2space frac module i've seen!
I think I am going to to just sell my motm stuff. I designed a new faceplate for the 120, laid it all out, and then realized I never really used it anyway and was just blinded by the "whoa neat" factor. Thanks for the input guys.

Also that is a very crowded face plate.

markthecolossus wrote:

Also that is a very crowded face plate.

almost as crowded as the blacet vco hihi
FYI, I put a MOTM-440 behind a 3" wide frac panel. The PCB just fits between the rails.
Yes, some MOTM PCBs fit the frac standard. I've build the MOTM190 VCA and the MOTM485 VCF in frac with pcb-mounted pots.
about to tackle the 440 and 300vco hyper
about to tackle the 440 and 300vco

Here's my 440. It's not the prettiest panel but I love the filter. This panel was made from a Blacet blank panel and I didn't really have my tools and technique together when I did it so hole placement was not precise. Getting six pots to fit in Frac requires some precision!
^^^ looks fucking great to me SlayerBadger!
I think i will be limiting to 2 inputs also.
would love to see the back? (oh. i see it's screwed in)

i am also using the blacet blank panels. the pre-drilled holes are great!
and I have finally decided on hand-drawn panel graphics with a fine tipped silver paint pen. cheap and lots of character 8_)

The front panel is the Blacet blank (for stiffness) with a piece of two-layer sign plastic on the front for the graphics. I got somebody to laser etch it for me.

very nice, looks like nice work from here.
I agree!
Thanks for sharing the full-frontal love & rear love photos Scozbor & BananaPlug.
It is always an inspiration to see other peoples' builds, rehousings, and modifications.
we're not worthy
BananaPlug wrote:

The front panel is the Blacet blank (for stiffness) with a piece of two-layer sign plastic on the front for the graphics. I got somebody to laser etch it for me.

what pots are you using? are you putting them in the top pre-drilled holes on the blacet blank?

I find that 16mm alphas hit the rack rails if i use the top pre drilled hole.
i move it down a bit with a file.
Nice work!
To Scozbor: Yes the pots were a very tight fit and I did a fair amount of fudging with the file.

To Paults: we're not worthy Nice filter, worth the effort. Thanks.
I've done a few MOTM designs in Frac and haven't had any problems.

I did a 101 Noise/Sample & Hold and a 120 Sub-Octave Multiplexer in the standard 3" wide frac panel and a 190 µVCA on a 1.5 wide half-frac (!) eek! .
Theres a 440 Discrete OTA LPF in my que right now. I'll post some pics if you'd like.

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