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IMP Demo #1
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Author IMP Demo #1
computer controlled
OK, here is a quick 3 min demo of the IMP. This one i use the Low mode with the Domain set to 2. Set up as follows:

ADSRjr w/Expander
Oberkorn Sequencer

Oberkorn CV out A into Freq CV In on the IMP
Oberkorn CV out B into FM1 CV in on Korgo
Oberkorn CV out C into Decay CV in on ADSRjr Expander
ADSRjr into FM2 input on Korgo

Just a random sequence on the Oberkorn. I start with a wide open Cutoff, then start to close it. I then bring in the CV into the Decay CV in. After that i bring in the CVing of the FM1 input on the Korgo to liven the filtering up a bit. Then i just goof off for a bit before bringing in a BD for a bit to give it a bit of musical context. 3
Great sounds, but it sounds like the Korgasmatron is coloring the sound quite a bit... got any more "stripped" demos of cleaner IMP action?

Not that it will affect my decision to own one wink
computer controlled
I'm gonna be doing more. Next one will be just letting it drone on, messing with the controls and what not. I happen to have it patched up the other way tonight, so that's what i recorded =o]
I'm right now eating candy (sour patch zombies) while listening to this demo!
I'm having a great day!!!!!!!!!!
Listened to both this and the other demo then bought!
Gonna pick it up..whenever possible over in huddinge which is like 5 minutes drive from me. xD
computer controlled
Good to hear thumbs up
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