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The Luminists workspace feature
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Author The Luminists workspace feature
Has this been posted yet? Can't find anything.
The Luminists via Trash Audio.

Nice little video tour through their workspace in the nineties. Follow the link to Trash Audio and you will find some beautiful videos showing their work, too.
very cool to see thier set up at ETC
Woah really cool, thanks for posting. I liked this link off the above video as well .
Yuk it up!
Such a lush setup. It's a shame I never knew about this place until it was too late.
This place was CRAZY. I made some work there twice in the mid/late 90's.
That Cohen video is a really great showcase for the David Jones video system.
You should have HEARD those yellow oscillators! They could make you run
from the room.
Charles Cohen is a really cool quiet gentleman and if you ever
get to see him play then run there.

Here is an ETC piece from 99 using the Jones stuff to effect the vid signal.
sound is mostly Jones with some EML 101. I may have posted this before but used too many drugs as a child to remember. Enjoy.

A couple of historical corrections. That was only the Luminists workspace for 5 days. Except for the Buchla and Yamaha, that was the Experimental TV Center.

The "homemade" audio stuff at ETC was a mixture of my stuff (audio/video oscillator banks , sample & holds, and VCAs), plus a couple of boxes of Richard Brewster built stuff that was mostly Serge clones modified to work better with video frequencies. Of course my video sequencers and some of my other video stuff also could process audio.
excellent! thanks for sharing this
daverj wrote:
...That was only the Luminists workspace for 5 days. Except for the Buchla and Yamaha, that was the Experimental TV Center....

Thanks for the clarification Daverj.
Sorry about my ignorance of the ETC. I didn't know that the Luminists only had a short stint there.
...and that was always 5 days...without a shower! zombie
Well, there was a bed, a toilet, and a coffee pot. Three out of four ain't bad.
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