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abstract b/w image generating
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Author abstract b/w image generating
hi there, read the forums and you all put some really inspiring information on there thumbs up.. i would like to generate abstract video images mainly strokes and dots as they give this disortion burn feeling..little new to the game so was wandering if someone could push me in a nice direction..been reading this wobbulator thing is that any good for me ?

kind regards Iejun
an image or video example would be helpful to help describe techniques that might be good for you.
fyi, wobbulators are not commercially available. You'd have to modify a tv set yourself. Other techniques involving oscilloscopes (x-y pattern creation or vector rescanning) may be an easier place to start.
Mixing oscillator shapes and then keying them out is a great way to get moving patterns with dots and strokes. But I agree with Johnny a video example on what look you're trying to achieve may be helpful to get an idea of which direction to point you.
somethin like this

You can get images like that just by feeding audio sources into old (non-digital) televisions' video inputs directly. Just be careful about your signal levels (line level audio works just fine.) The lines will be going horizontally, but you can always flip the video in various ways (or turn the TV on its side.) Different textures and response will depend on the frequency content of your audio source and the television you use.

If you want to get more involved and have more control over it, you might want to look at the various EuroRack video modules out there right now.
A wobbulator, while conceptually a fairly simple device, is not an easy thing to make. It involves various dangerous voltages and finding some difficult to find objects. Most people would be better off playing with X-Y displays.

To get vertical stripes like that you need horizontal rate oscillators plus a sync and output module, either like the LZX genlock & encoder, or my upcoming genlock & output amp.

Or you feed vertical rate (audio rate) oscillators into a video monitor and point a camera at the screen and rotate the camera 90 degrees.
something like this ?
That is definitely an oscillator, but you don't need to get so fancy -- do you already have some sort of audio synthesizer or noise making device? Just feed it directly into the TV.

Are you interested in the modular video synthesizer systems at all? If so, you should look at modules such as LZX Video Waveform Generator for wide range oscillator needs, and other Euro audio oscillators for lower frequency outputs.
A small modular setup would definitely be a great place to start, but if that's too much $$$, you might want to look at Gieskes devices. The HSS3I is available via Bleep Labs, and is a cheap way to get into some basic video synthesis.
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