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Our old radio
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Author Our old radio
I guess this is the best place for this, if not, please move.

So a couple years back me and my girlfriend were given and old Grundig radio by her grandma. I'd been eyeing the thing for a couple of years always having a listen to it whenever we were over, saying how much I loved the sound of it. I never expected for us to inherit the thing, I was prepared to buy it should they ever want to part with it. But as things happened they moved felt they didn't have the space and wanted us to have it instead. Really lovely people here grand parents.

They were the original owners, they even had the receipt and the thing is damn near mint. Of course there are a few scratches and there should be some kind of rubber band in the EQ section but that's far gone by now. I use a cheap FM transmitter in order to get sound into the machine and I use it to play music at dinner. I've been wanting to try it as a monitor in the studio for a while so it was with great anticipation I took it in there and hooked everything up.

I tried to make a patch that shows the sound of the machine nicely and it was all recorded with my new Zoom field recorder so hopefully the character comes through really well. And in honouring the machine from her grandparents, my girlfriend joined in for the playing.

denim dan
that is the kind of shit i love! awesome.
That's magnificent. what a beautiful contraption.
Have you tried to receive shortwave signals on it?

I bought a cheap chinese radio for tuning in atmospheric noise. Fortunately for that project, there is very little human-generated shortwave in the pacific northwest. But that also means that I can't get crazy warped shortwave transmissions either.
denim dan
uvb-76 is watching uuuuuu!!!
Christopher Winkels
You have really dainty hands, Nik. hihi

Two things: first off, that's a charming video with a great concept behind it. Waiting for the tubes to warm up brought a smile to my face. My grandparents had an old '50s-vintage radio (not a Grundig, unfortunately) that had similar properties, although I used to have more fun powering it down in the middle of a song.

The other thing is it got me thinking about an idea I had two weks ago while browsing through a local antique show: those old radio visual aesthetics really complement modulars well, and unlike modular synths there were tens - perhaps hundreds - of millions of units manufactured between the two wars. I am sorely tempted to go looking for old, non-operational radios, clear out the electronics and use the cabinetry to house modules in.
Bravvvo. This is just great.
Any chance you can make it to the Philly Meet this Saturday and bring it along? woah w00t
Chris: Yeah, not really hamfisted I am smile Baconfisted? It's motherfucking bacon yo

It's a good suggestion to put modules in old radio cabs, it could be very cool! Also, if you could find some working ones, just use them as monitors in your studio could be very interesting and inspiring. This one's pretty big so I won't be hauling it into the studio too much. Also, it needs a special power cord and that's a bit of a pain.

Thanks a lot for your kind words all! I do have an affection for some things and really like this one.

Shortwave I haven't tried, it seems to mostly pick up noise on the bands I've tried if I recall correctly.

Notice though that it is actually labeled in Swedish! "Klangväljare" is EQ with presets for various sorts of music, and speech.

Unfortunately I cannot make it to Philly as I'm located in Europe :(
You rock!

I also have an old radio (from the 20's) and I'd like to use it as a speaker for my modular. It's so old though that I'm not too keen on ruining it....

But if I did "mod" it, where would I connect my line in? Is it easy? Compatible?
This is absolutely beautiful!

A gorgious picture: The Buchla in front of the tube radio SlayerBadger!

And niece sound, too nanners
Beautiful, beautiful! Lovely sounds through a really lovely speaker!

Its really nice too that your girlfriend played the sounds coming out of her Grandmothers radio!

applause thumbs up

Very nice!
Thanks a lot guys! I'm really glad you appreciate this as I have such strong feelings for it all.

SYN7HOR: I use a small FM transmitter so that I become my own radio station so to speak. Thus I don't have to connect anything to the radio at all, no modifications or anything. There is a line in for tape players on the back but I'm pretty sure it's never been used so I'm a bit hesitant at trying it.

Something like this would work just fine for you 00314&title=iZound%20FM-s%e4ndare%20FMT-750&

Seeing as you're in Sweden and all (like me).
7thDanSound wrote:
Thanks a lot guys! I'm really glad you appreciate this as I have such strong feelings for it all.

SYN7HOR: I use a small FM transmitter ...
I don't think my radio has FM, it's REALLY old..

Found a pic!

Would it be possible to use that as an amp for my modular? It would simply ROCK!!!
Reality Checkpoint
How lovely to see a beautiful old radio reborn, and being used for such a great tune.

Well done!
Nice movie......very lovely to see old and new go together this well.
Thanks guys!

Yeah that's a really old one SYN7HOR! I have almost no knowledge of electronics at all so I'm afraid I can't help you out on this one, sorry.
Ok, maybe I'll start a thread about it once I've taken pictures and done a little research myself.

Old radios are both cheap and easy to come by these days.
I think the sound of the radio/tube amps is still clearly audible even after compression... It' definitely has some warm magic... I would have done that also! thanks!! thumbs up
hey all -

please make impulse responses of these beautiful things for convolution models
record a full freq sweep tone or a noise burst or such

it would be awesome to have them and you'll never lose the sound as they age beyond repair - at least a descent facsimile

and of course share if you can:yay:
how to for audio eases altiverb - i think the basic principles apply across the various types
Thanks b3nsf!

Impulses I've never done, I'll have to read up a bit on that. But if I record a sine sweep that is ten seconds long or something, will someone else be able to process it? Because I only have so much time...
I love old radios too. I have salvaged and collect some.. Old transistor ones with germanium transistors and tube amps, Old speakers too, just instant magic.

I should get an AM/FM transmitter too! Any tips?
the processing of the impulse response is the easy part

recording the right thing is the trick
denim dan wrote:
that is the kind of shit i love! awesome.

yeah this is great.
Thanks guys! I'll look into doing impulses but I won't promise anything on when...

JJ, just look for an FM transmitter in any tech store or order online. I'm not sure what's available in Finland but in Sweden there's and this is the exact model I have ore-fm-201-p91385

Keep in mind though that the range will be pretty crappy, I have to actually put the thing on top of the radio for it to work at all.
clorax hurd

how old is the radio?
i have some old ones too, but they are much younger / transistor ones... not as cool as yours
Very nice.
I think it's from the fifties but I'm not totally positive. I know they used to have the receipt, maybe I can find it and have a look, it'd be cool to know!
Thanks 7thDanSound, jag ska kolla upp detdär, kanske man hittar en sån på ebay likaså! same in english.
Why Adapter
I LOVE those old Magic Eye tuning indicators. Someone should stick one in a module.
That really is a nice combo!
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