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Custom Orders for Wigglers, holiday gifts, and more...
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Author Custom Orders for Wigglers, holiday gifts, and more...
Just wanted to share a few recent pieces that were sent in, bent up, and given back to happy noisemakers this past month here at DAED.

The first is a Casio CK-10. This is a hybrid of the more popular PT10 keyboard with, well, a radio built in. This was the 80s after all thumbs up

Video Demo at:

Bends include a touch contact, pitch bend, and a very cool oscillation mod that just destroys all audio all the time. The nice twist is I was able to tape into the circuit output so that also affects the radio SlayerBadger!

The other unusual bend that came in this month was an original Japanese version of the Boss DS1. This is the second earlier version of this pedal I've had in to give the full DAED Disturbo DS1 treatment and shorted PCB in this pedal allows me to install a Power Drain knob which effectively chokes the circuit and allows you to hear the cruel results.

Combined with the over-the-top Disturbo standards mods like synth noise, tuned theremin fuzz, and a high pass-like filter this really makes the unit very organic in it's sonic mayhem.

A demo video of the Disturbo with power drain is here:

Finally, a very generous customer contacted me looking for a very special present for his friend. He purchased our last original stock red Speak and Spell and asked for the full DAED treatment of glitching, Pitch/Distortion, Looping, audio out etc. and wanted some custom graphics to boot. It turned out lovely:

Still working on some computer clocks and lamps for the Holiday season and you can find some of the DIY Buchla 200e modules and such in other parts of the MW forum. There is a new page where I'll occasionally be putting some things up at:

As always questions, comments, inquiries welcome. I stock various Casios, Speaks, pedals, and toys and love custom orders so it there is something special you are looking for drop a line at:
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