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Korg Kaoss Entrancer and Cellular Automata VideoSynth Demo..
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Author Korg Kaoss Entrancer and Cellular Automata VideoSynth Demo..
Was working on some new visuals and finally got one to talk to the other. I decided to make a quick demo since there was a previous thread on the Kaoss Pad Entrancer that mentioned liking some Lofi stuff smile

Here's a clip from my rehearsals for an upcoming show:

Video-wise this is just the CA into the KPE using one video preset. I am tweaking the CA and "playing" the pad. I discovered if you drive the CA at it's fastest clock rate the KPE just turns the image into a broken waveform. Win/WIN! thumbs up

Audio-wise I am sending the CA into a miniKP and messing with that a bit and then also using an audio Effect from the KPE which has a Theremin type sound on it. You can here that effect mixed in towards the beginning of the video.

There is a LOT more you can do with the KPE but this a good example of how you can deconstruct a simple 8Bit visual if you can get it in.

For those interested in such nonses (and good underground Industrial Music) I'm doing a few sets with the KPE, Cellular Automata, and a Bitvision this Friday night (Dec 2nd,2011) for the TescoUSA party in Phila PA. It's at an artsy warehouse under the train tracks with a firepit outside. Dead Banana

It should be a great time and all are invited:
Very cool. Is that one of those awesome space helmet tv's?
It is!! I got it a few years ago from an art student who had painted it white. it's the perfect monitor for Lofi stuff SlayerBadger!

Matos wrote:
Is that one of those awesome space helmet tv's?
thumbs up
Last night I finally flicked my KPE over to Combi mode and ran a CA through it. Woah, awesome results, really should've tried that sooner.
The two work well together. Very well. So much so, I'm going to do some unprepared improv stuff with them at a festival this weekend.
Really like the sound of your gig too. Now just get a HSS3i for extra nanners
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