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IMP Demo #2
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Author IMP Demo #2
computer controlled
OK, here is 20+ min recording of the IMP just doing its thing. No sequencing, filtering or anything. I start at the highest possible frequency, which is "HI" and a domain setting of 1. From there i drop down to domains 2-4. I then switch into "LOW" mode, domain 4. Which is the lowest frequency it can produce. Then its just up to 3, then 2 then 1. Watch your ears as it jumps in volume as i switch into the lower domains in the High setting.

Hopefully this will give an idea of the sounds one can get out of this module. Its chock full of sweet spots, much like the PB. The trick is to find and exploit these sweet spots. p3
thanks for this demo, very useful! great to have a raw demo of just the one module
Really excited for this now!

Thanks for the demo thumbs up
it hurts so good! Dead Banana
thats the straight output of an imp? then something is wrong with mine. mine sounds like two saws. one is fixed ans i cant do anything with it. the other is adjustable ... very boring i never knew what to do with it.
got some ipm demos in my soundcloud check it out, if you have questions let me know, most are straight from the output, i use an amp module behind the output, for domain 1 hih and domain 2 high, these are for me the most fun domains, use a combination of audiorate on freq inputs with cv or play with combinations of audiorate en normal cv in the different inputs, for more control use attunuation for the inputs.. domain 1 high here have the inputs the most effect, twist the knobs to findthe sweet spot, 2 also have great effect, 3, 4 and than low domain, on each step the influence of the inputs get a bit smaller

i find the low domain more useful as modulator (except domain 1)
thanks for the info .. you mean modulate the imp frequency with an oszillator at audio rate? i was just talking about straight imp output with no modulation, just knobs. in the infernal noise machine the imp modulates an oszillator, no?
the imp comes come to alive with modulation, same for infernal noise machine, thats were the major fun starts
yes audiorate from osc, or lfo etc, or other audio brought to modular level
the cv and or combination of audiorate the input/influence depends where the knobs are and ofcourse the domains, its a searching module, weird science, it invites to experiment with
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