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Author and Punisher
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Author Author and Punisher
rico loverde
Oh my fucking god this dude is insane. I'm fucking loving this stuff. So crazy and heavy, and the machines he's using are great. html

edit: listed new link as old one wasn't working
Fuck! That's balls out, dragging on the floor insane. It's like the macross of controllers.
rico loverde
I'm really diggin his stuff. There's a great interview on YouTube with him. The machines he uses totally baffle me, but I love it. I really want to see this live. He's got 3 albums on iTunes and I'm for sure gonna check em out tomorrow. SlayerBadger!
rico loverde

Just wow.
Very impressive live.
Seen him perform in amsterdam in september.

Thanks to steim for supporting him!
denim dan
totally great! very relevant to my interests.
Sick! applause Rockin' Banana!
rico loverde
from his Wired Interview:

By day, Tristan Shone is a mild-mannered geek who builds custom add-ons for electron microscopes at the National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research. By night, the 34-year-old performs bone-chilling doom metal in a band called Author & Punisher. It may sound like he’s leading a double life, but the two gigs are more similar than you might think: Shone is the only member of Author & Punisher, and he personally designed, prototyped, and machined each of his instruments. The centerpiece of his live act is a set of four gizmos he calls dub machines—Arduino-powered gear he can manipulate to produce sounds, loops, and rhythms. There’s Rack & Pinion, which looks like a keyboard. It allows him to bend and warp samples by sliding six velocity-sensitive keys back and forth on Teflon-coated pipes. As he plays Rack & Pinion with his left hand, his right hand pumps an instrument called Rails back and forth like a slide trombone, or spins the aptly named Big Knobs. All the while, he’s singing and beatboxing into an array of eight microphones called Headgear.

Juggling all that machinery is tricky, but the real challenge is making sure the wires don’t pop out of the microcontrollers. “Whether it’s the things I make at my day job or for my music, 99 percent of the time, the problem is wiring.” Perhaps that’s what fuels his rage in songs like “Terrorbird” and “Sand, Wind, and Carcass.”
rico loverde
I vaguely recall Make Magazine running an article on how to build his "Headgear" controller.
Just got his album Ursus Americanus, and really enjoying it. Also saw him last spring in Portland it was one of the best shows i've been to recently.
He's playing in Brooklyn on Halloween - my friend Leech is putting on the show
Great and fun stuff. Made my night for sure...
This shit is so sick. Haven't heard the newest album yet, will grab it ASAP. Forgot how cool his stuff is.
Sounds like a one man Godflesh. A lil sloppy at times, but pretty f'n unique.
Some newer footage:

Those knobs are huge!
What a bad-ass! 8_) 8_)

Those knobs are machined aluminum, and he sells them for $200 on his website. I think it would be worth it just to have something he made!
deastman wrote:
I vaguely recall Make Magazine running an article on how to build his "Headgear" controller.

Here you go: roller/

I don't think the project page is still up online, but it's covered in that issue in full so you should be able to get hold of a PDF from them if you want it.

I built the electronics but never put it into an enclosure - still on my list of unfinished projects. Need to sort that out one day. It's great fun. You can use it for all sorts - there's six mics that are basically just triggers for midi, so you can use it for notes, drums etc like any other midi controller and it's arduino based so relatively cheap. Well, unless you make an awesome enclosure like he has!
cant get enough of this song here

not only does he make great machine music, he's an awesome vocalist as well
Saw him last night here in Vancouver. Pretty awesome show smile

I grabbed a few shitty clips which are here:
Hope he uses his masks more in his next album. So sick.
Been following this dude for a few years now. Heavy heavy heavy stuff. I'm yet to catch him live, but I'm hoping that will change soon. Any word on some new material?
I saw him live and it was brutal as hell. Love his stuff and his creations.
Saw him a few months ago, one of the most emotionally draining shows i've ever seen.
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