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WMD Geiger Counter is a NOISE SYNTH!
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Author WMD Geiger Counter is a NOISE SYNTH!
Hey - what think you of the sleepdrone? I've heard good things about it, but the demos didn't make it seem very interesting.
I've been slammed by work since getting it, so I've not put it through its full paces yet. So far my feeling is it's just ok, but I've not had a chance to play with the individual outputs, which I expect is the real source of pleasure.
Well, post about it when you have more of a chance. I really like the LBB - this just doesn't look to me like it will add that much to the party. But I am strongly attracted to the Dementia....
Cool demo I want one! Cthulhu
It's got CV control of the bitrate and sampling rate (only one CV input tho)
You could get similar sounds with some sort of gain, a miniwave and a malgorythm, since the gieger counter is a bit crusher, preamp/distortion, wavetable um...device.

I have a feeling he'll be making some really cool things in the future. The envelope follower WMD makes is also very nice for bass and guitar (and I bet drum mechs too).
I'm very curious about this Geiger Counter. Need to see/hear more (yeah I've gone thru all the samples).
Yea it's REALLY cool ! I have it and the Bugbrand and Squarewaveparade Crushers. All are great but it is the MEANEST !
...and coming as a Euro module soon yes ?
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