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"Video Scope" by Critterandguitari, any info?
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Author "Video Scope" by Critterandguitari, any info?
Does anyone here have experience with the critterandguitari video scope?

I emailed the site but never heard back. Seems kind of cool but a bit limited for it's price. I'm wondering if it is bendable or if a more involved unit could be made from it mixing the four different settings.

If anyone has info on the PCB or circuit that would be a big help. I love their Cellular Automata kit and if this were available as a kit I'd probably snap one up just to mess with it.
The basic hardware is very similar to the Cellular Automata, in terms of how the video is generated with an Atmega AVR and hex inverter to get different subcarrier delays. The BitVision expands on this basic idea too, by making the subcarrier delay voltage controllable and driving it with a simple DAC.

Getting more complex stuff out of any of the devices like this is going to be best attempted by modifying the source code. You could get things to happen by messing with the delays and shorting some outputs on the AVR, but (in my opinion) it wouldn't be that interesting. The different modes are probably determined by the voltage of one of the knobs being fed to an ADC input on the AVR to select operational modes, so they wouldn't be accessible simultaneously as different video feeds.
I have the 1st gen version of this, and the update with new shapes and randomiser is appealing... but yes, it's still limited.
Best usage I found is with keying/layering, but that's reliant on your mixer and it's a bit much to have it hog a channel unless you're cascading multiple mixers (which I do).
Wouldn't bother trying to physically modify it, but as Lars mentioned digging through the source code is a possibility - there's an AVR header on the board...
Perhaps relevant to this discussion: The new PCB revision of the Bitvision board has two DC-coupled external inputs that are sampled by the ADC (using both tip and ring of the stereo input jack). This is opposed to the one AC coupled input before. One of the inputs has the envelope follower. But the point being, I should be able to program some DC-coupled vector/lissajous type visualizer programs for the Bitvision platform now. I'm going to try to do that over the next few months. New Bitvisions are shipping out to AH soon (the default program is the same, but with lots of new artwork.)
New bitvisions? w00t
Whomp there it is! So getting one. Love tiny bundles of circuits. evil love
Just to be clear: the new batch of Bitvisions still has the same software installed and features as the old one. There are just some PCB revisions which will enable some other alternative possibilities. I've been meaning to code more software/programs for that thing -- it's a pretty powerful little guy, lots of other ideas outside of the default "pixel buffer" concept.

The blurb on the product page was promising in the mention of new applications... has anyone played with programming to explore other options?
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