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Getting an oscillator to read a wave?
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Author Getting an oscillator to read a wave?
Okay so.. I just got an old eico 460 scope and... I cant friggin figure out how to get it to read wave forms from the modular. thanks!
Chuck E. Jesus
put up a picture and i can tell you, it's been years since i had one....
Chuck E. Jesus
yeah, and you can tell me how to hook up the varistors for VC as well 8)

i finally got it to where it's like a cylinder and the wave form is spinning around at different speeds with a sequencer attached to my vco. I just dunno... idears?[/img]
Chuck E. Jesus
this is how i did it (from memory): i took a mono mix output, an old Peavey mixer, 1/4"... un-screwed the shield, hook alligator clips to the tip and sleeve...hooked the sleeve to the ground (bottom left side), and you should get an image if you hook the tip to one of the two axis: V or's been a shitload long time, just try it, and you will know immediately which one is correct (i had no manual, like i said before, i just looked at waves)...i'm guessing it was the V input, but it was a long time ago...

after you get a wave, the knobs will become pretty self explanatory...
Chuck E. Jesus
so did it work?
Muff Wiggler
yeah, see my PM, those look like mini-BNC connectors to me. Wire the signal to the mid post of one, and ground to the outer ring. use the z-axis

it doesn't seem to have a trigger mode, just that wierd "h-input sync", this is probably the trigger/sync. You may need to hold a positive voltage to this at all times to get the scope to sweep..

That's about all I can guess - sorry! It's a very old scope and things have changed a lot...

good luck!
Chuck E. Jesus
you can unscrew the plastic bits to expose the posts a smidge (from memory), that's why i just used alli clips, you don't need any special plugs...the part that got me confused was simply putting ground to ground (ie sleeve from source audio to ground pin on EICO)....i still think you have to put the hot to "V", and that's why i'm wondering if/and/or/how it's working...that's why there's "v" knobs and such, to adust the verticle on the wave you are looking at....never figured out the "z" axis...

again, from memory.....but i had the same exact o-scope....but it was like 15 years ago....wish i had it again :(
so.... i get a strong signal going into this puppy but...I am thinking it needs to be serviced. When i start it off at a straight horizontal line and bring up the vert gain.. it goes from 2-d to 3-d and the wave spins around the 3d sphere almost like your looking into an oval as opposed to looking at the side. that make sense? lol.

I'm going to call the repair guy that fixed my roland space echo and see if he can work on this. It's too cool looking not to get working right. Sexy sexy. especially for 25 bucks! lol.
i need to get mine up and running, mines got an osc on it too, i want to use it as a modulator for my peavey 800 - any ideas on that (and getting the signal back through??) (i'm willing to rebuild the thing, it's like 50 years old, and fully modular, and i have the complete manual) twisted
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