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MakeNoise Maths Self Patching
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Author MakeNoise Maths Self Patching
So I have been spending some time over the last few night learning maths and I am now quite comfortable with it as a module and happy with how it can be used.

What I did find is that there is great fun to be had using just Maths and a mixer module to create some bleeps and bloops. I am sure many of you are aware of this and do it regularly but I was proud of myself when I got some pleasing sounds coming out it with any other modules involved hyper

I was hoping some of you may be able to share some nice little self patched Maths patches so I can see what else is possible.

I will share my patches as soon as I am back in the studio this evening.
There was a thread a couple of months back about patching with only one module, and there were a few that involved Maths. thumbs up torder=asc&highlight=one+module+selfpatched&start=60
VoltageCtrlR - MakeNoise MATHS Session pt.1 & 2


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