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Esoteric camera power supplies: What are they?!
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Author Esoteric camera power supplies: What are they?!
Hey, I just got a couple of new genlockable cameras! One looks like it should be particularly awesome - Sony DXC-390, and has a list price of $2800! I paid much much much less for mine, HOWEVER I have a hacked - off cable for it which is supposed to connect to a power-supply and breakout box, which I don't have.

I can use either the CMA-D2 or the CMA-D3 power supplies with this unit, and unless I can scrounge one up on ebay this will cost me several hundred dollars alone. Which makes me wonder, what's in these things?

Isn't it just a regulated power supply and some BNC connectors, maybe line drivers? It looks like the D3 has some cable compensation circuitry. I'm guessing I can hack something together, but I'm just curious what's up with these. Maybe someone here has had a chance to dig around in one of these?
Over the years there have been a lot of "CMA" versions from Sony. They all start with a regulated power supply, which is the most important part. Then each variation has some additional stuff, which may or may not be important. Such as sync circuits or signal compensation.

Since the DXC-390 has other video output connectors on the back as well as the 12 pin connector, you don't have to use the 12 pin for video out (but you can). If you are sending it external sync, you do that through the 12 pin.

It needs about 650ma of +12 for power.

1 == DC IN (GND)
2 == DC IN (+12)
3 == VBS/Y OUT (GND)
4 == VBS/Y OUT
5 == HD IN/OUT (GND)
6 == HD IN/OUT
8 == -/C OUT (GND)
9 == -/C OUT
10 == DC IN (GND)
11 == DC IN (+12)

All the grounds can be connected together, or just use the ones for the appropriate other signals that you will be using.

If feeding it HD & VD, I would assume those are expecting 4v p-p negative going sync driving 75 ohms (internally terminated in the camera). If feeding it black burst (VBS), then I would expect that it wants standard composite video levels, internally terminated with 75 ohms in the camera.

Great topic! I've got a couple cameras sitting around unused for this reason also. Dave, with your permission I'll move this info over to the Video Synthesis wiki when I get a chance.
Sure, but add the note that this info is specific for each model of camera, and there is no general perfect answer for all cameras.
Once again, exactly the information I was looking for. 8_)

I do think it is a great topic, even if this info is often specifc - I'd love to see this added to the wiki..

So I've got a much older Sony studio camera, a contemporary Hitachi(kp-c550), some line-lockable surveillance cameras and a couple of machine vision cameras. Also a couple of great PTZ cameras that suggest that they have genlocking capabilities. (At some point I implemented the camera controls on a microcontroller)

Some of these I figure are something of a lost cause, (machine vision cameras could generate interesting things with synthesized drive signals? Polar coordinate system for 3d genlocked, mechanized camera apparatus?) but I'm curious anyway.

I'm digging up whatever info I can on these connectors - daverj, is there a good place to go for finding obscure connectors? Found some but they're quite expensive - $15-50 for ones that i've managed to track down... Want to keep these in the realm of experiment, rather than investment wink
Finding old cables is often the cheapest way to connect, but not always.

I think the 12 pin used on the DXC series was a Hirose HR10A series connector. Typically about $15 each. I got some from Digikey a few years ago. Pre-made cables for those are fairly expensive.

Some older connectors like the EIAJ 10 pin used on really old Sony's are pretty hard to find today. While others, like the 6 pin DIN used on some old Sony cameras are easy and cheap.

There's no one place to look for connectors.
smrl: thanks so much for updating the wiki with this info, looks great!
Just so it's in this thread, the wiki page is here: s
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