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[SOLD OUT] : Quad VCA-Mixer (THAT2181 based)
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Author [SOLD OUT] : Quad VCA-Mixer (THAT2181 based)

Info here

EURORACK, MOTM, Dotcom (12 or 15 V) Please PM who are interested
I have designed PCB for hi-quality Quad VCA-Mixer. This is really workhorse for every modular system. I was needed several hi-quality VCA's with mixing possibilities for my system. Now I going to order PCB's. I need to estimate quantity of PCB's to order. Please PM me who are in and quantity needed.
Boards have some SMD parts which will be already installed (I will order smd-components insertion).
Installed parts: 4 x BC847BS dual transistors, 4 x 2K TEMPCO resistors, 14 x 0,1 mkF decoupling caps.
Price 45$ per board with installed SMD-parts; and airmail shipping 5$ anywhere.
- Eurorackers are welcome! PCB size 105 x 70 mm, have EURO, MOTM, Dotcom power connecton possibilities (12V version differs from 15V version with two resistor values).
- VCA's design based on THAT Corp. design notes and uses maybe the best available VCA chip THAT2181.
- VCA's have tempco CV inputs as suggested in THAT Corp. design notes for more accurate results.
- it's possible to mixing channels in pairs and all together.
- all connectors have on board ground pads for shielded cables.
- I used hi-quality OPA2604 opamps at VCA's outputs but regular TL072 will fit too.
10 for me please smile
oooh, 3-4 for me please.
1 post wiggler and over $600 of sales already.......... we're not worthy

L-1, no offense intended; but does anyone here know you, or can you perhaps introduce yourself a bit? Obviously you know a bit about synths and circuit design as the PCB and choice of components look good. So what synths do you have, what have you built previously??

In the Buy/Sell/Trade forum you have to have over 100 posts before you can sell anything. Why it should be any different, at least in principle, in DIY?
I have to agree with AndrewF on this one. I don't mean any offence, but it would be a little more comfortable to buy pcb's from you, if you were a bit more active in the community. It dosen't take much, people are very friendly here.
I have posted previously to electro-music forum, you can check my messages.
Here is foto of my diy synth-rack.
About this project. I have noticed lack of projects of simply always-needed modules with hi-quality modern parts. After I will receive the boards I will post detailed report with fotos, soundsamples etc.
Now I think about modular mixer with 2-channel boards and one common board, VC pan and level for every channel and two effect sends, balanced outs, maybe level meter and phones out. This is simply circuits. THAT IC's of course.
I was wondering the same thing myself seriously, i just don't get it
Nice layout, but 45USD is pretty stiff for a non-commercial initiative.
If you are thinking about making money with this, make sure you have a complete documentation package, have tested and verified everything, before polling interest, just my 5cents. I think a lot of people don't mind paying extra, but do expect a completed product, not a beta release.
This is prototype board for 1 channel. Works perfect. Of course will be detailed report. I can send some boards to respectable members to test with delayed payment.
And quad LPG will be for example 4 x 15 = 60$, quad VCA mixer = 45$, and I will install four dual transistors and four tempcos, which in DIP-package are very expensive.
I think price is fair considering components etc
Dego wrote:
I think price is fair considering components etc

Agreed. Tempcos aren't exactly "cheap".
And I have noticed lack of Eurorack offers.
I agree that the price is fair. these are mostly pre stuffed SMD boards. not your average through hole board with no SMD. the price will probably go down as more people get involved.
Rod Serling Fan Club
It is 4 VCAs with interesting mix functionality and some soldering/pricier components pre-done. All of that in 4.13”x2.76”. I think the price is actually really good. I’ve really been wanting something like this. Please put me down for 1 @ 15v (wish I could do more).
$11.25 per VCA??? 2 boards for me, plz!
one (1!) board for me, please. i don't have enough VCA's at the moment.
EURO!!! That 2181 VCA's? I'm in. Count me in for 2 boards. And a couple euro panels from whomever gets around to doing them. I think I'll build mine with 2180's though, no need for trimming. Any chance of putting in the pads if we want to go super high quality and run more than one 2180 vca in parallel per channel?
fluxmonkey wrote:
$11.25 per VCA??? 2 boards for me, plz!

It's gonna be more than that, 2181 chips are not cheap when you get A or B quality.
mome rath
one for me
ok so i was reckoning 45usd just for the board. if tempco' s and duals are already mounted than things are becoming clear (even though these tempco's are 70 cts and 847bs are about the same). Are you going to reflow the smts or handsolder?
I'm in for two of these.
There is here a company which will install smd-parts with factory equipment.
This looks really cool... I'd definitely take 2-3. I wouldn't even mind doing the SMT myself if that's an option. I need the practice...
If I can hold out and not build some MFOS VCAs by the time your board is ready, I'm down to stick one in my Eurorack.
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