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Request for a CS-80 style filter envelope
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Author Request for a CS-80 style filter envelope
I saw that AM Synths have a plan for creating a replica of the Yamaha CS-80 filter. I thought that it would be nice/awesome to have a replica of it's filter envelope as well, considering that it was a special design and helped contribute to the sound.

You know with it's Initial Level, Attack Level and then Attack, Decay and Release.

Don't know if it's hard or easy to do but here's to hoping! smile
Many thanks for the idea! Yes it is possible to replicate the rather unusual CS80 VCF Envelope which has the additional of both an Initial Level and Attack Level which move the envelope into a negative voltage start and adjust the overall attack level. There is also a much shorter attack time of 1ms to 1s and a fixed Sustain level of 0 - which again can be replicated. Once the CS80 Filters are done I will see if we can get this envelope module into production.
Nice, very nice indeed. Great suggestion and great reply too. hyper As a combination the filter and special EG will really help to capture the CS sound. Would be very useful on any number of other filters too.
Yes, I am also very interrested in this, I love those env.
I'd like one as well...
Any more news on this? Id love a CS80 filter! i could run everything through it
I know this thread was about the envelope, but I would like to just add my voice to say YES to the CS-80 filter! YES, YES, YES!
Thats all sorted then, a CS80 style LP/BP filter and another module of the associated envelope.

Just tell us when its ready

It's peanut butter jelly time! nanners

Easy to say........easy to design........maybe not...........
YOU GUYS RULE.. i have jupiter 6, and im planning on buying the Jp6 filter to add to my modular ;0)
Hello All

I realized this EG some time ago thanks to Yves Usson ( Yusynth).... it works very well.... Another person realized the other one with the parameters controled with voltage. The schematics is here: EG yamaha

But soon....Cs(R) Project
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